back to article OpSource puffs up VMware cloud

OpSource is beefing up the infrastructure cloud it rolled out in beta last summer and put into production in the fall. OpSource has long provided infrastructure that some software companies have used to deploy SaaS versions of their applications, and it's in the process of repositioning itself as a provider of more generic x64 …


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100% uptime ? no way

Nobody in their right mind should promise 100% uptime based on a single facility in a single localized geographic region.

Briefly looking at their site I don't see mention of data centers, maybe they have more than one(using their search resulted in nothing indicating that they do)

I came across another cloud company based out of the UK named Ultraspeed, never used them or talked to them, but they are the first one I've seen that include automatic replication of all data to a remote facility(in their case to another COUNTRY).

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