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Ready, steady.....wait Webcast If you’ve got ‘Virtualise Desktops’ on your to-do list for 2010, you might want to watch this first. It's a webcast we recorded on the 11th of Feb with the project leads from a 5,000 strong desktop virtualisation project talking us through their experiences. They come from Lancashire …


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IT Choices

It's good to see how other organisations approaches, but really concerning that 12 minutes in the IT bod tells us what the alternative to Hyper-V were.... WTS.

And then 15 minutes in an ROI of 5years maybe more!... This goes against a lot of the Parallels, Xen and VMware numbers of 18months-2 years.

I think it is obvious that VDI is a huge play, but why on earth Hyper-V with a >5year ROI?


Virtual fail

I can see this working for those in a regular office setting but when you are in an industry where an entire office is dedicated to R&D and they need admin local access to test hardware out then it will be pure fail.

I have seen instances where a person has 3 computer that all need full admin rights to all ports and usb for what ever they are testing and any IT mandate to control this person......

I can see that person out of a job because of that.

Sometimes IT bites too hard on the end users to force them to log into some VM thin client on some remote server 20-40-100 miles away located in the heart of IT world.

Thin virtual desktops have no place in a R&D setting.



We moved computing out of the glass house 25 years ago. Why do we want to put it back there again? Can someone remind me?

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