back to article Ofcom decides it can't decide on spare spectrum

Following six months of consultation Ofcom has decided it can't decide what to do with 8MHz of sub-1GHz spectrum, so will do nothing until after the general election. Not that the election is supposed to be the important factor - officially the regulator is waiting to see if the EU's boffins can get GSM-R (GSM for Railways) …


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Ofcom are incompetent. They are great at telling luvvies off for swearing on-air, but they are technically inept.

How can a regulatory body have a commercial interest in what they are supposed to regulate?

Ofcom = fail.



Banning rfid near railways?

Have you seen how many german and swiss railway stations have been turned into branches of supermarkets?

Anonymous Coward

simples, use it for free home users long range use for wireless backhaul .

simples, give it the home users medium/long range use for wireless backhaul.

a pair of 4MHz channels isnt very much OC, but telling the Wimax vendors they can produce medium power longer range wirless routers wimax chips in this range for end users community wirless meshed use could make a few ordinary end user people happyer than the current 11n ranges they need to use today, hell OFCOM could even find a litle more and pair that up for more home free wimax2 community use too.

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