back to article IBM services help complicate cloud's horizon

Cloud computing is supposed to make IT easy. But if it was easy, no one would be able to make any money on the idea. As it is, companies like IBM are trying to make money twice with clouds: first by selling preconfigured clouds for inside the corporate firewall and then - you guessed it - selling services to help setup and …


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48GB for the management server?

Just how horrible and bloated is their Clod bust package that it needs 48GB of memory on the management node? I pity any customer trying to use the platform if the management software is truly that turgid, there is no way that can be a pleasant experience.

Perhaps the hardware division are competing with GS for who can waste the most of the customers money?

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It does make sense

Beside the out-of-the-box cloud management server, there are optional features such as the security that are also installed on the same blade. This approach helps clients adding more management capabilities over time, on the same blade, without any physical intervention on the rack.

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Follow the Leader ......

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A few corrections and considerations

IBM QuickStart Services is part of the overall IBM CloudBurst offering (i.e. HW + SW + Services) since its initial announcement in 2009. It's the fruit of a tight collaboration between IBM Hardware/Software/Services organizations.


- Disk is DS3400 instead of DS4300

- Storage capacity from 5,4 to 42 TB

- ... three of them can be crammed into the rack, for a total of 39 usable blades

In fact: two of them can be crammed into the rack, for a total of 27 usable blades

- IBM CloudBurst offers 1G or 10G uplink options to SAN via open standard interfaces.

- IBM CloudBurst can expand the cloud beyond the rack itself, and includes other IBM and OEM infrastructure components (servers, storage, ...).

- Most components in the rack such as network devices, switches, power distribution units are redundant.

- IBM CloudBurst offers granularity: small, medium, large configurations. Main parameters are: the number of blade servers, storage capacity and uplink speed to SAN (1G or 10G).


- The CloudBurst V1.1 service management pack was part of June announcement only.

- Since last November, v1.2 is shipped with IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM). It offers a Web 2.0 based Self-Service interface to ease the request of a Cloud Services. It includes a Service Catalog and accelerates the definition of a lifecycle of a services from a cloud services provider and cloud service user point of view. Further, it includes Tivoli Provisioning 7.1.1 (vs. 7.1 in the article), Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.2 (vs. 6.2.1 in the article) plus energy management capability, Tivoli Usage and Account Manager 7.1.2 to help IT charging back the users/consumers (e.g. Lines of Business) ... a key Cloud attribute: pay for what you use.

All these products are integrated.

- v1.2 supports both VMWare ESXi 3.5 and KVM hypervisors.

- IBM CloudBurst offers unique high availability and security options.

- and the list goes on ... see for more details and demo


- QuickStart Services have been conceived to offer a rapid deployment for the selected out-of-the-box IBM CloudBurst configuration.

- QuickStart Services can be tailored to meet additional client requirements such as integrations with client legacy systems, with existing service desk (by the way, TSAM also includes a Service Desk that can be activated, if needed), expand CloudBurst with other IBM/OEM servers/ storages in the cloud, provisioning to UNIX/AIX, z/VM Linux environments (in other words, CloudBurst is not just limited to x86), etc... Bottom line, price depends on ultimate client needs.

- Last but not least, IBM CloudBurst offers Single Delivery, Installation, Price and Single Support.

Thanks for your attention.

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Thus is the Future Assured .....

"- QuickStart Services have been conceived to offer a rapid deployment for the selected out-of-the-box IBM CloudBurst configuration." ..... ASZ Posted Wednesday 24th February 2010 11:51 GMT

Thanks for All of That, ASZ. Much Appreciated.

Does IBM use it and is it deployed for Feeding IBM Future Source MetaData from Mountainous Vaults and Bottomless Stores.


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