back to article Acer cautious over e-book reader roll-out

Acer has put its plan to develop an e-book reader on hold while it watches how the market develops, a senior executive has said. Speaking in Taipei yesterday, Acer chairman Wang Jeng-tang said his company is not yet ready to launch an e-book reader. But it has the hardware standing by, just in case, he said, the Taipei Times …


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If only the market would develop...

...and it's not likely to do that when publishers are pricing eBooks at the same level as hardbacks long after the paperback has been released. I would love to move to eBooks but I won't be taken for a mug. Ideally I would like proper pricing (akin to current Amazon/online pricing) and portability (no tie-ins). DRM free or a legitimate secondary market are probably a long way off but I can dream. I steered clear of digital music downloads until I felt the market was offering something more; I will do the same with eBooks but would really like them to get a move on. I can't be the only one who is thinking along these lines can I?

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