back to article Zmanda hooks Tivoli cop into MySQL

Open source vendor Zmanda is adding hooks into its MySQL database backup software for shops using IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager to mastermind the policies. The company on Monday unfurled a new feature for Zmanda Recovery Manager called — get ready for some unwieldily precision here —Tivoli Storage Manager Option for Zmanda …


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Anonymous Coward

Or.. alternatively

follow these instructions:

I've not personally tried it, your mileage may vary etc.


Silver badge

Eh, um

if a shop is running "IBM hardware and software", wouldn't they likely be using some version of a real database like, oh I dunno, maybe DB/2, as opposed to MySQL? I mean, I like MySQL for light to medium stuff, but if I've got a room full of IBM iron, well, it's gonna be DB/2.

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