back to article Endeavour touches down at Kennedy

Space shuttle Endeavour wrapped its two-week STS-130 mission to the International Space Station last night, touching down at Kennedy Space Center at 03:20 GMT. Endeavour landing at Kennedy Space Center. Pic: NASA Shuttle Launch Integration Manager Mike Moses praised the crew's "outstanding job" of mating the Tranquility …


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One down, 4 to go

I went outside to hear the BOOM-BOOM of our orbital Model-T as it flew just south of Orlando.

You wouldn't believe the bitching in the local paper and the grandstanding of the local politicians about jobs... or maybe you would... I appear to be the only one that realizes Obama's plan to encourage building an actual infrastructure for going to space is a good idea, instead of EVERYTHING being a huge government-funded one-off mission/program. The Frogs made a good start with Ariane, and we need to do a program that's completely commercial.

My fingers are crossed for SpaceX.

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