back to article Toshiba Regza 26in combi TV

The Toshiba 26DV615DB is rather big and chunky for a 26in telly, but that's because it has a DVD player built into the casing. The result is that it measures 100mm in depth, so it's by no means thin. In addition, the bezel is a substantial 50mm all round, so this relatively small HDTV measures 681mm wide by 514mm tall. …


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whats the point ?

the Iiyama 26" is £100 less, does 1900x1200 (16:10), has HDMI, DVI, and SVGA, and has 5+5w speakers. It does have a HUGE bezel and only draws 55w - it doesn't have a TV tuner, but you could easily get a FreeSat/View box or USB-TV with the money you'd save and you'd have a much superior picture.

This is overpriced, underspecced, and not that well designed

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