back to article FriendsReunited sale cleared

The Competition Commission has cleared ITV's sale of FriendsReunited to Brightsolid - a subsidiary of DC Thomson the publisher of the Beano. The competition concerns were not about comics but genealogy - Brightsolid owns find my and the 1911 census site while FriendsReunited runs Genes reunited. Combining the two …


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once a beast

such a shame about FR as it was genius in it's day!

but charging £5 to send a message killed them off....and a old site design....and too many adverts.....and being owned by itv....

they surely cannot ever recover...

Silver badge

Lost their way

Apart from the £5 charge, what really made Friends R. so much less interesting was simply that they took the interesting bit away. The bit where people could really reminisce about their old schools.

Now it's just a glorified bulletin board.

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