back to article Sony coughs to PS3 stock shortfall

Sony has admitted it is not shipping enough PlayStation 3 consoles into the UK. The company told the trade paper MCV today that it is experiencing PS3 "stock issues". Sony UK Sales Director Mark Howsen said: "We are doing our best to address these issues and hope to catch up in the next few weeks." The shortages - which Sony …


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Same same

So that's Microsoft, Nintendo, and now Sony doing the old "We aren't shipping enough units to shops!".

And in other news: A cat got stuck up a nearby tree

Nothing to see here.. carry on.


Component shortages all round

The whole electronics industry is suffering from this. (unless like Microsoft, you had warehouses of unsold refurbished Xboxes to sell as new).

About 4 months ago, the component manufacturers were not seeing a upturn, and now that is biting HARD. Slicon components have gone from 1 week leadtime to 10 week leadtimes...


Demand TOO High

Not, to, please correct.

Anonymous Coward

No Demand

The demand cannot be that strong. I have a immaculate PS3 40Gb on eBay at a bargin price and no interest. Sure its not a slim one, but you would have thought if there was a shortage and that much demand for PS3s there would be some interest for impatient fanbois to get their hands on this excellent gaming platform.

Maybe its because despite the better hardware the games are no better than the Xbox, PS Net is a disappointment, and the PS3 pretty much fails at the job of a streaming media player, with each firmware release messing around with uPnP parameters and buffering.


..more likely..

The 40Gb isn't a prized model: The Slim has taken over as the article of choice for most, and the 60Gb has a prized covert of being able to play PS2 games (and with places like Gamestation etc selling 60Gbs within a day of placing them on the shelves). The 40Gb and the 80Gb just aren't favoured anymore, even if they are cheap and sitting with zero scratches on.


re: No Demand

as a streaming media player it works very well for me, you need to switch it on first though

To the subject at hand, MarkOne is right, the leadtimes for components has gone mad. And, let;s face it the PS3 has to be one of the most painful and expensive thing to produce.Let's hope for Sony that the ps4 is just a PS2 with a clever infra red +motion sensor :D


re:No Demand

The Xbox fanboys are out. Pick ANY PS3 exclusive title that does not have to cater for the constraints of the shitebox360, and it will clearly show a game simply not possible on other systems. The list of them is pretty long now.


Uncharted 1&2

Heavy Rain

and so forth.

And as for UPnP streaming, try using a DLNA server, as the PS3 is DLNA compliant, stop using the free and pikey UPnP ones.


RE:The Xbox fanboys are out

"The Xbox fanboys are out" ..."constraints of the shitebox360"

I take it oyu are a PS3 fanboy :)

for streaming I recommend them cool lacie Upnp/DLNA network drives over the network, they work a treat with the ps3 :)

Sony should try selling the media angle of the ps3 a lot more, I find their advertising inexistant in that realm.

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