back to article Mobile industry still bickering over apps

The GSMA would like you to know that its not just Apple who can sell applications. It's just that no-one can agree how to go about it. The unofficial slogan in Barcelona this year is "democratising the smart phone", creating an ecosystem that allows poor people to spend money on applications that make farting noises too. …


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  1. Sander van der Wal
    Jobs Halo

    If they charge a reasonable percentage of 10% ....

    ...and not the customary 60% this might even be a good idea. If (and it is a big if) they get the technical stuff right.

  2. Lawrence 7

    One track mind, no stakeholders, no comprimise.

    Is exactly why apple succeeded in the first place, they exploited the absolute nightmare the mobile industry is, especially when trying to get people to work together and agree on something that will be mutually good for everyone, which in the end will quite possibly not much different from what customers have delivered to them now, but with a different UI on the front.

    Samsung have the volume so they need shooting down as quickly as possible.

    my view is one massive wholesale store> Many retail filtered store fronts for anyone who wants to have thier own store.

    Simple for everyone.

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  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is a good example of big companies cutting their costs and subsequently their creativity and agility to bolster the bottom line. They are running efficiently in 5th gear, only there is a turn coming up and they took out gears 1-4 to save money. Only one or two of them will survive, the rest will fall into obscurity.

    I mean iPhone came out in 2007. Its 2010. Who is adapting to this new market?

  5. CareTaker
    Gates Horns


    "Apps" have been around for ages. The creation has never been the problem, nor has the delivery method been particularly annoying. The problem has always been platforms, or: operating systems and hardware. Apple control both, therefore = success.

    Apple used the idea that made Palm popular.

    Palm used an idea that worked for Psion.

    Psion used ideas that had been working on games consoles and the amiga/atari.

    I think this is the point microsoft and a couple of others usually pull their finger out of their posteriors and copy someone elses idea and then copywright it and sue everyone else for "their idea". Hence a monopoly is born. I fear the ship has sailed for microsoft as apple have sailed it away.

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