back to article Samsung shows off 4G netbook

Samsung has shown off a set of netbooks equipped with Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband connectivity - a world first, the South Korean giant claimed. LTE is the successor to today's HSPA 3G cellular networks and is designed to provide download speeds of up to 100Mb/s and uploads of up to 50Mb/s. There's much less …


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I beg to differ...

"The crucial thing, of course, is that vendors are working on this technology now, ensuring it will be in place in time for the emergence of LTE networks."

For me, the crucial thing is that there will already be a second-hand market for LTE devices by the time it rolls out in this country. This will mean a wider-spread uptake at the start, helping to lower prices, and get the technology established quickly.

Only my opinion, but if this doesn't happen it'll be a few years after launch that most people will be ably to afford the tech... as with most things only the rich get the newest.

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