back to article Sony Ericsson adds Qwerty keyboard to Vivaz camphone

Sony Ericsson has added a slide-out Qwerty keyboard to its Vivaz touchphone, allowing it to append the new handset with the 'Pro' moniker. Like the Vivaz, announced in January, the Vivaz Pro sports a 3.2in, 16:9 display. It can connect over three HSDPA 3G and four GSM/GPRS/Edge bands. Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro Sony Ericsson's …


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Shaped like the human body???

<quote>Designed to mirror the shape of the human body</quote>

Really? Wow. I didn't realise I was so square, and angular. It might rival Coultards jawline, but I fail to see any resemblance with any other part the human form.

And wait...if this is shaped like a typical brit, shouldn't it be a lot paler/pastier, and considerably "thicker" in the middle anyway?

Or by mirror, did they mean you can see your own reflection in it?

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