back to article Social networking sites slack on secreting kids' details

More than half of social networking sites assessed by the European Commission fail to hide the personal details of under-18s by default, the EU body has warned. It said that 50 per cent of teenagers display personal information on the internet. The Commission analysed the policies of 22 social networking sites in a study aimed …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Officials fail to realise people don't read things that are of no interest to them, if their parents havn't taught them how to keep themselves safe it doesn't matter how much information companies and sites post nobody gives a rats ass.

    Sadly politicos can't accept this becouse it would render them a pointless waste of money, so they'll keep churning out pointless paper.

  2. Jason Togneri

    "Social networking sites slack on secreting kids' details"

    Ummm... you do realise your title means the opposite of what the body of the article discusses?

    "Secreting" is the active form of the verb "to secrete", meaning to emit forth. So the social networking sites aren't in fact slack on secreting the details, they're proving remarkably efficient at it! Perhaps you meant to say "Social networking sites slack on keeping kids' details secret"? Oh, I cry for the demise of our language.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: "Social networking sites slack on secreting kids' details"

      se⋅crete –verb (used with object), -cret⋅ed, -cret⋅ing.

      to place out of sight; hide; conceal: squirrels secreting nuts in a hollow tree trunk.

      Cry about that, Oxford English Togneri.

  3. deadlockvictim Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    Why would a social networking site want to secrete kids' details? It sounds painful to me.

  4. wv9e

    Idoits waste more time and money

    Teach your brats and kick your school administrations in the ass. Why let your kid on there anyway./?? Oh wait, I forgot. You can't drink alcohol until your 21 but you can vote when your 18... no wonder idiots rule the west. and soon the internet.

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