back to article Microsoft erases Windows 8 optimism

Microsoft has apparently killed a Microsoft employee's blog posting eulogizing its planned successor to Windows 7. The MSDN post that was here and has been cached here, according to Microsoft Kitchen, was thin on details but provided possibly the first hint of how Microsoft plans to pitch the successor to Windows 7. The take …


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  1. Flybert
    Gates Horns

    won't be called Windows 8

    jus' too stoopid .. yu'll get 2 much of

    "Windows 8 my 'puter"

    "Windows L8r"

    "Windows h8 .."

    "Windows sed8ed"

    Reg headlines like

    "Windows R8s Low On Mind Blow Scale"

    "Window Users Ir8 ....."

    the horror .. the horror

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    More Publicity

    the fact the post has been removed creates more publicity then the post being left alone

    1. Misoriented

      Ya don't say?

      It's almost as if they did it on purpose...

      Clearly marketers shouldn't blog. They just sound like marketers instead of human beings.

    2. Rob McDougall

      so... was intentional...!

  3. Keith T

    Just make it work!

    Windows 8 should be about handling new hardware, new programming tools, security, efficiency, and ease of use.

    Please leave the flashing 3D inter-dimensional blink-to-click wizardry out.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "Welcome to the _cloud_, we got fun 'n' games"

  5. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    "Expect something completely different"

    No, no ... wasn't that "Beware of unforeseen consequences"??

    Vortigaunt logo. Or something.

  6. Unlimited

    Actual Expectations:

    An overpriced resource hog which adds nothing of benefit to the users computing experience

  7. N2 Silver badge


    Windows 8 will be something genuinely new, no registry to screw it and Internet Explorer 9.0 free from problems?

    Maybe not

    1. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

      Letters? Digits? What's wrong with kanji, dammit?

      I see what you did there.

      "We got everything you want.... well, some of it. Ish. Kinda."

      (I'd apologise to Axl Rose for mutilating the lyrics, but he's a dick, so I won't...)

    2. RichyS
      Gates Horns

      Re: Perhaps

      Exactly. Microsoft have cried wolf too many times.

      Does anyone believe them anymore?

      1. James Hughes 1


        All the Microsoft (non-)believers have moved on to hating Google.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Something completely different

    Something completely different? Ah, that means huge user retraining costs, a deluge of application incompatibilities, and a hiatus in delievring genuinely beneficial benefits to businesses and end users.

    Whilst the needs of the MS business machine to generate profits by forcing users into regular upgrades of their software may have a certain commercial logic, the benefits to businesses who have to comply with this insatiable hunger are distinctly questionable. The geeks at Redmond may crave the frisson of a new User Interface in which every useful feature is cunningly accessible only somewhere completely unexpected, but for most of the hundreds of millions of PC users, this is just an impediment to doing their jobs effectiively. It may also be good for the IT Services sector - but surely all this effeort could be better spent delivering real business benefits rather than change for change's sake.

    How about just fixing the issues with the current version and NOT making everything "completely different"?

  9. Tony Paulazzo

    Windows 8

    Will automatically create a root (sorry Admin) and low permission user account at installation then claim its security features are second to none....

    Either that, or it will have giant ribbons cluttering up the screen, a redesigned task bar and a start triangle.

    It will also return the users ability to de-tick the task bar's 'always on top' option, taken away 'by design' for windows 7, even tho it's been there since Windows 95 and some users found it useful. Especially in the era of 9-12 inch touch-screens and net-books - they really are twats, IMHO, and no, I won't use the 'hide taskbar' option - my windows my way my a¬5e...

    Copyright Me!

  10. John Sanders

    MS and Windows

    Reminds me of the Spanish politicos, always making huge promises, people buy it and it turns they need to make some more promises as the old promises were not so good.

    The next Windows will be the best windows ever.... bah, it will be another annoying bunch of changes for the sake of change, on an even more and more black box platform.

    I'm with the penguin now, it has its issues too, but no one hides them, and most get fixed soon enough.

  11. Mike Echo


    My vote for the most annoying and misused adjective of late goes to 'surreal', as in " come up with a vision for is a process that is surreal...".

  12. Ammaross Danan


    What cool new features did KDE or Gnome add to their UI recently? Now take that list, write "New GUI Improvements to Windows 8" at the top, put it in a PowerPoint, and you'll have the keynotes for the Windows 8 launch party!

    Don't believe me? They snuck in tab-completion and directory coloring to the command prompt, as well as program grouping on the taskbar for XP just after KDE did it....

  13. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Chicago anyone ?

    I've heard it all before.

    Chicago is going to be brilliant, completely different, imppossible to be infected with a virus (!) ...

    Vista is going to be amazing. It will completely change the way you use your computer. You will never loose things ever again with Microsoft's new database filing system....

    I upgraded to Win2K when it was absolutely necessary to use USB. I haven't seen anything since that would convince me to "upgrade" since, and my laptop running Vista keeps reminding me I'd be better with Win2K.

  14. Sureo
    Dead Vulture

    "redited" means what?

    Just asking.

    1. Usko Kyykka
      Gates Halo

      Hdesnaxnkolv Pzöchf (<- this is what you get for requiring a title)

      >Chicago ...

      >Vista ...

      I seem to recall that "Chicago" was to Win95 as "Phallus symbol" was to Vista. At any rate they are similar: promises on a cosmic scale, real benefits subject to quantum effects.

      [Choice of icon due to exposure to Bayonetta (PS3).]

    2. Usko Kyykka

      ... : The Larch

    3. rhdunn

      Follow the white gnome...


      Have you noticed that the Vista "crumb" bar is just a snazzier version of what Gnome has had for ages in the file open/save dialogs and nautilus?

      Have you noticed that the compact file save dialog in Vista looks the same as the one in Gnome?

      Have you noticed that the Vista tree control (e.g. for folder navigation in Explorer) uses arrows like the Gnome version does?

      Windows 8 introducing zeitgeist and Gnome Shell features? Throw in some of the KDE4 support for semantic data (RDF, FoaF, linked in, ...)?

    4. Def Silver badge

      Re: Win2K

      As someone who resisted first XP and then Vista at home while suffering them at work, I can say Windows 7 is definitely worth taking a look at.

    5. Ocular Sinister

      They could just cut and paste this

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        It looks to me... though KDE have copied ideas from both Microsoft AND Apple! Before I begin, none of this is actually that important, or indeed relevant to the article. Who do did what first is largely irrelevant, who has best implemented a technology is what matters - stupid patents aside. Like it or not, Microsoft have done a good job with the Windows 7 UI; with some of the idea's actually being introduced in Vista. For the sake of entertainment, lets examine your collective musing and apply it retrospectively. KDE 4 (and the Gnome project, XFCE or the other spawn of CDE) have lifted ideas from both Microsoft and Apple, amongst many others. In fact the whole WIMP paradigm was "lifted" (actually it was purchased) from PARC; who in turn had 'hijacked' (with good salaries!) the research team fro the SRI that had helped develop Engelbart's On-Line System; who had originally been inspired by Ivan Sutherland and Vannevar Bush; the latter incidentally really being the forefather of hypertext and the modern internet. Since KDE was initially developed in 1998, your argument is moot; it'd be fair to say using your hive logic that the original look and feel of KDE was heavily borrowed from Windows 98, with ideas lifted from CDE (a HP VUE 'clone'), NeXTStep, BeOS and Workbench to name check a few others. So ner ner ne-ner ner! KDE iz teh kopia!!! Honestly...

  15. Adrian Esdaile
    Gates Horns

    Party like it's 1999!

    "The themes that have been floated truly reflect what people have been looking for years and it will change the way people think about PCs and the way they use them. It is the future of PCs..."

    Didn't they say that in about 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999-2001 inclusive? (during which they gave us ME *shudder*)

    You'd think with all this changing the way we think about computers we'd all be confused by now.

    AHAH! Got it! They're going to change the way you get the system working after it's crashed to CTRL-ALT-DEL-F5-MIDDLEMOUSEBUTTON!

  16. Matt 53

    Oops, mis-read the opening line

    Microsoft has apparently killed a Microsoft employee [for] blog posting...

    Not sure that would have surprised me!

  17. Bill Neal

    John Mangelaars!?

    So, it seems the infamous "cock mongler" or "grin man" of chan fandom actually works for micro$oft. Amazing

  18. Remy Redert

    Listening to the customers

    So then they'll finally make a slick, streamlined OS that uses an absolute minimum of system resources to provide a GUI, very high stability, proper multi-user support and extremely high compatibility with whatever we want to stick in?

    Without any of the DRM crud, bloatware and the usual plethora of preventable security bugs?

    Seems unlikely.

  19. Stuart Elliott

    To follow on from the OP

    Windows 8 my hamster!

    1. Allan George Dyer Silver badge

      Yes, they are!

      They're going to stick a Windows logo on Linux.

      OK, thanks, just throw my coat out after me...

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Timely leak

    Only there's this slight stumbling gap between marketeering shenanigans and delivering a moreso than usually crap product half a decade late. The very fact that people still believe, nay still and desperately /want/ to believe micros~1 drivel is an ode to humanity's gullibility. Does exploiting suckers deserve the respect billg gets? Discuss.

  21. jake Silver badge

    I have seen the future of my PCs.

    I use it every day, in fact ... and it didn't come from Redmond.

    Or Cupertino, for that matter.

  22. Steven Knox Silver badge
    IT Angle

    And now for something completely different...


    Microsoft Corporation's Flagship Program!

    Oh, come on, someone had to...

    1. Dork Lard
      Thumb Up

      And now for something completely different...

      An operating system with three buttocks!

  23. Tarthen

    Windows 8

    ...should be uncluttered, fast, have a decent web browser bundled, the ability to burn .iso images and have a quick startup and shutdown.

    The less time it takes to burn the Linux CD, the better. :)

  24. Tim Bates

    And now for something completely different

    MS has been at it for years claming their OSes will rock your world. On release, the only reason the world gets rocked is because everyone gets frustrated at some setting or feature being removed.

    Where do I want to go today? Pretty much away from Microsoft's marketing department.

  25. Mikel
    Gates Halo


    Development of started in 1991, and has taken lessons learned from NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as Solaris, Linux, BSD and Mac OS-X. will embrace a robust and diverse marketplace by providing and connecting to open interfaces in a well documented and robust manner. The visual interface will be stunning. It will run on architectures from routers to cell phones, thin clients, ATMs, fighter jet consoles, automobile dashboards, embedded television processors, media centers, desktops, servers, blade servers, cloud clusters and HPC superclusters and more. It will do all of these things well. It will be robust, with no launch day exploits, bugs or crashes thanks to its commitment to ownership of the driver stack. Its network stack will be impeccable - they've run it against every known exploit and bug, every fuzzing algorithm, the NSA, CIA, several other TLAs and over 200 AI enhanced positive feedback self-educating attack bots. It will support every common filesystem including NTFS, HPFS, ZFS, EXT3, EXT4, and many more. It will even boot from the network.

    W.Next will include a full suite of office applications that use open file formats, intuitive interface design, connectivity with all open applications. It will come with a vendor-neutral installation client with its own search engine which will tap vendor certified and third-party repositories and leverage apt-url for painless installation of any application. Of course it will include installers for all your favorite development environments including gcc, perl, Python, Ruby, Sun Java, MySQL, Postgres and more! A full application development environment will be an easy install, for dozens of programming languages. Users will be able to create their own spins on W.Next and share them with all their friends.

    You will be able to choose your install image from a 50MB business-card CD .ISO to a completely full BDROM, HD-DVD or 7-DVD set, all of which will be seeded on bittorrent on launch day, legally because is free.

    All this and more! It will be completely fabulous. Oh, wait. It already is.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    version x+1

    From an MS internal document

    9: Final Release:

    Evangelism of a given technology usually ends with the final, shipping release of that technology. One last big press event, with demos, a tradeshow, press releases, etc., is often called for, showcasing the apps that are sim-shipping and the customers that are using them. In the face of strong competition, Evangelism’s focus may shift immediately to the next version of the same technology, however. Indeed, Phase 1 (Evangelism Starts) for version x+1 may start as soon as this Final Release of version X.

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Goals but no way to achieve those

    That "post" was obviously a re-run from Chicago advertising and thus removing it was nothing but a buzz-creating gimmick.

    So many buzzwords in short article makes it very clear that it was a bait: I'll bet that 10 times more people read it from cache than ever read when it was in it's original place: Mission accomplished.

    Lot of feelings and happines in article, not a word of how to achieve those. I'm not surprised, they don't know that themselves either.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Marketing will change things as usual

    We all know that Microsoft marketing can't go a single release without changing numbering schemes. They might go back to Windows 2011, or Windows 11, or Windows 7.1, or some other goofy combination of letters or names. But, most likely not Windows 8.

    1. unitron

      I know what it'll be!

      Windows 7 Come 11 Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes! (point 1, service pack 3)

      Mine's the one with the two small, black-dotted white, (slightly off-balance) cubes in the secret pocket.

  29. this

    And now...

    for something completely different!

  30. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "We listened to our customers"

    Intel said make it *need* a 2GHz quad core processor as a *minimum*.

    The drive makers said have it take up at *least* 10GB.

    The RAM suppliers said it needs a footprint of at least 2GB.

  31. lucmars

    Unclear roadmap

    Before we had the Service Pack, now we have Windows n but where are the SPs?

    Windows7 is the latest Vista'SP, so what can we think about a rumored Windows n++ ? Is it just a disguised SP or something new ?

    From Redmond it's rather unusual to label Windows in such incremental way which usually means either an update or a major upgrade.

    They should stick to a big name each time they pretend to something new. Would they go until Windows10 or let this number to the Apple's distro?

  32. P Saunders
    Paris Hilton

    Mind blowing upgrade to Solitaire...

    ...and Minesweeper has been given a really mind blowing GUI plus we're bringing back Othello and support for 1.44MB floppy drives because of input from our users. Oh yeah, and there is a raft of real cool screensavers because Microsoft believes that it is very important your screens. Mind blowing stuff, really.

    Paris, 'cause she can blow my mind any time.

  33. Kerberos


    Why do you tux worshipping idiots have to dump your propaganda in every single thread that mentions Windows on the entire Internet? Not only that it is lies, damn lies and FUD of a magnitude that would make SCO blush.

    We all know about Linux as it's impossible to avoid the idiots who think making a clean-room copy of Unix, cloning the userland, copying the Windows 95 UI and then copying (badly) the apps and games from other systems somehow makes them original, while Windows, which is the only OS that isn't a copy of Unix, is somehow a ripoff.

    Sorry for the blogspam, but I wrote a post about this:

    Also, Remy Redert, whenever I talk about problems with Unix (aside from 'bugs') I get told to shut up - 'f**k off it's free' they say. Hardly listening to your customers.

    Everyone knows about Linux yet still nobody uses it - maybe this should tell you something.

  34. Piro

    So, we can expect more kludges, then..

    Such as Windows XP Mode.

    Surely if Windows already keeps versioned copies of dlls for compatibility, it can do similar for XP, kind of like Wine does, instead of running an entire virtual machine, which is ridiculous.

    We can also expect more UI changes and inconsistencies just for the sake of it. Put the back button next to the next button? Haha, no, MOVED. Control Panel still an utter mess of different, seperate applications, with tabs that are differently coloured because they were old and nobody checked? You bet. I like to piss on Steve Jobs' fire as much as the next guy, but at least OS X's control panel resembles something a sensible person would come up with, unlike any version of Windows.

  35. Geoff Campbell

    Wow, what a lot of whining and bitching.

    It's very simple, people - if you don't like Windows, use something else. I like it, especially Windows 7, so I use it on my main machines. Other machines, with other requirements, I use Linux of various flavours.

    You don't have to prove how clever you all are by constantly bitching about Microsoft. to me, that proves something rather different....

    Oh, and whilst we're on the subject, why does everyone go on about Microsoft's business model being predicated on constant upgrades? Yes, it is, because they've sold Windows and Office to pretty much everyone in the world, and no-one wants a subscription model for PC software. But the same is true of most manufacturing companies, yet you don't hear analysts whining on about how bad it is that Ford's business model is predicated on everyone constantly upgrading.


    (Tux, because I couldn't find an excuse to use Paris. As it were.)

  36. G_C
    Jobs Horns

    A Microsoft Marketing Balloon Dance?

    How very Burlesque...

    I think we're all a bit too sharp to fall for that little trick...

    stick a pin in it... second thoughts... don't...


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