back to article Open sourcers pump Eucalyptus clouds with data

Eucalyptus Systems - the operation offering an open source platform meant to mimic Amazon EC2 inside private data centers - has partnered with fellow open-sourcer Terracotta to help customers upload and then access their data in private clouds. On Tuesday, the two companies promised tighter integration between Terracotta's …


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So let me get this straight ...

If I read this right:

"Terracotta is already available on Amazon's EC2 cloud, and under the agreement, Terracotta and Eucalyptus have integrated and tested their software. The open-source Eucalyptus platform is wrapped in APIs based on Amazon's."

So in a nutshell, I not only have to trust my personal corporate security, and my ISP (or other TCP/IP provider), but I also have to trust three other companies with my corporate data? Isn't that FIVE ways to fuck things up? That is not security, no matter how the marketing peons try to spin it ...

In the vernacular, "I don't THINK so!"

I'll continue to roll my own ... one point of failure in any given network that I build is my fault, several points of failure are all my fault, regardless of whose fault it actually is.


you didn't read it right

Eucalyptus lets you deploy an Amazon-style cloud on your own hardware -- a "private cloud" that is API compatible with Amazon's.

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