back to article India PayPal mess will take months to fix

PayPal India has used another blog post to update customers mystified as to why personal payments have been switched off. The payment service confirmed that the shutdown was because of questions over whether personal payments are remittances - payments from ex-pat Indian workers. The blog warned that personal payments would …


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Come again!

An' don' let the facking door hit you in the gob on the way oot!

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Do you ever get the feeling...

...that handling money isn't something that Paypal is very good at?

The problem that the Indian regulators are concerned about is obvious - Indian "seller" lists some tat and "sells" it but never ships it because the "buyer" is only concerned about sending money into India...

A nice end-run around India's byzantine currency regulations but I'd guess in theory this would work to funnel money into most countries to pay for "services"

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