back to article Shopping sites boost customer savvy

Internet shoppers are more aware of their rights and more online retailers are complying with consumer protection laws than previously, according to studies by consumer protection regulator the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The OFT has carried out a survey of online shoppers and a study of online retail sites in a follow up to …


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I call 4% a fail

"A greater proportion of sites reviewed in 2009 (21% compared to 17% in 2008) appeared to comply on all aspects for which they were assessed,"

So, they class a 4% improvement from 17% to 21% a SUCCESS ?? What was that, one website changing ?

I call that a huge fail. I would call an increase from 17% to 35% a success.

Most of the percentage increases are actually quite small.

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They should try looking at ebay

Large numbers of sellers who without any stretch of the imagination are clearly legally business sellers but are either failing to declare themselves to be a business or are failing to publish the legally required information (including their trading address) -- supported by an ebay that's steadfastly aiding and abetting them by ignoring them even when specifically reported.

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