back to article Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

Apple may have decided against the appellation 'iTablet' - one of the rumoured names for the product now known as the iPad - but that hasn't stopped UK computer supplier X2 claiming the name for its own. The iTablet range comprises at least two models: one with a 12in, 1024 x 768 display, the other with a 10.2in screen of the …


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  1. Paul_Murphy

    What other features?

    headphone socket?

    micro or mini Sd card slot?

    removable batteries? (ideally done so that the device doesn't turn off while changing batteries)


    chargeable and PC-updateable (ie sync) over mini-usb?

    oh and what's the price?

    Sounds good though.


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Windows 7

    "But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

    So why does the picture show Windows XP?

  3. Select * From Handle

    Erm XP?

    i love that the artical says

    "But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

    yet the picture of the itablet shows windows xp.

    Is this a new product or a revamp of a failed XP tablet?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    X2 is keeping mum about the pricing ... and the battery life

    I suspect this "iTablet" is just a joke, really. The picture looks fake.

  5. Sven

    Battery life

    Seeing that Win7 has some issues on the Netbooks, 30min of battery life?

  6. Select * From Handle

    P.S. "erm XP"

    Also whoever installed XP forgot to update it and hasnt decided on a AV to install

  7. DrunkenMessiah

    Well now... we're talking. Certainly beats the iPap on specs, wonder how it'll do on price.

  8. Danny 14 Silver badge


    and apple wont instantly sue them over the "i" moniker.

    Sure they might lose but tying the small company up in litigation wont help.

  9. Joe 17

    Windows 7??

    Looks more like its running Windows-XP to me!?

  10. Nyx

    Errrrm Windows 7??

    Errr.... isnt that running Windows XP?

  11. jubtastic1

    Depends on your definition of tablet

    But that looks to me like a thick heavy laptop with the screen installed backwards, It's no surprise that guy's holding it with two hands in that press shot.

  12. JASR

    iPad Flash type gaff

    Windows 7? looks more like Windows XP...

  13. Anonymous Coward

    How thick?

    Three and a half centimetres? So it's a laptop then.

  14. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    "2GB of cache"? That would be RAM?

    I presume.

    Should I worry that we seem to be still waiting for 2 GHz portable-device microprocessors? You get 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 ... isn't there something about this in Moore's Law?

  15. The Original Ash

    Sweet jeebus

    That's one of the worst chop jobs on a photo I've ever seen.

    The index finger on the right hand is in the wrong place / dislocated, the cropping around the left hand is atrocious (can see a daker outline on little finger), in fact it looks as though the guy is holding a much thicker device and the "iTablet" is just slipped in its place.

    Plus, it's running xp, not 7.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Win 7?

    That's XP!

  17. James Thomas 1


    Looks like its running XP in the publicity pic!

  18. Michael C


    I don't want a 3lb brick that's a full PC, that has to be MAINTAINED like a full PC and requires full, expensive PC licenses separate from the licenses I already won on other PCs, and has to be secured like a PC, and uses a PC OS that a touch interface is at best hacked on top of, and the software I load on it is not designed inherently to be used in a touchscreen environment and does not support multitouch.

    Further, Windows won't run 24x7 in standby, notifying me of alerts even when it's "off." The iPad is always on in standby (30 days of it), and is near constantly collecting mail, massages, chat events, and other notifications. Windows in hibernate isn't going to do that.

    Further, Windows is slow to load, the tablet is instant on, like a cell phone.

    A Media tablet needs to be :

    - a slick interface

    - always connected

    - instant on

    - take care of itself

    - basically, a COMPANION to my PC, not another damn machine I have to care for and lug around.

    I might as well just have a frigging laptop if i have to accept all the disadvantages of one anyway... A full keyboard and a mouse is a better interface for the majority of work, but I'm NOT doing WORK on this, I'm using it for entertainment; checking news, reading, watching video, keeping up with popular sites, uploading my latest snapped pics. It does everything the PC should be forced to, everything I want to do quick, without hassle, and without additional software. making it a great platform for games in addition, a bluetooth camera optional for the 20% that will do video chat (thats for NOT including that btw... I really can't imagine a camera that doesn't point at my face unless I contort and hold the unit in an uncomfortable position, while the person on the other end watches the video shake as I shake.... BAD idea to have a camera in a tablet for chat, it BEGS to be externalized!)

    An what may I ask is this essentially full blowen but underpowered touch enabled Win7 PC going to cost me? HP is currently charging a $700 premium on their 22" all-in-one just for adding a touch screen... It's certainly not going to compete at the $499 price point. And 3G is extra? and it;s a full PC? OK, so $60/month for a capped plan instead of $29 for unlimited too, and the PC tablet requires a contract?

    Seriously, do they really think we're that thick???

  19. Robert Grant

    Windows 7, eh?

    Screenshot says Windows XP and IE 6.

  20. chr0m4t1c

    Is it me?

    That picture looks very badly Photoshopped, so is this actually still vapourware?

    Methinks someone has seen a bandwagon rolling by.

  21. Simon Ball

    Two questions....

    1) Does it have a capacitive touch screen?


    2) Does it have a UI shell that is optimised for a capacative touch screen?

    If the answer to these questions is no, then how is it any better than any of the other windows-based tablets that have failed to achieve any significant success over the last ten years?

    Windows is never going to take off on tablets until MS accepts that the UI is fundamentally ill-suited for use with touch screens of any flavour.

  22. Alex 0.1


    Pricing's the important bit, it's a shame umpc/tablet makers are constantly announcing these upcoming products with the one important fact left out. As long as the price point's right this thing basically demolishes the ipad, lets hope they can hit the <£500 magic baseline.

  23. Peter Lee

    Windows 7?

    Surely it's XP in the picture...

  24. woRem

    Which OS

    If the iTablet has Windows7, why does the piccy have windows XP???

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Well done

    That's the way to do it!

    Much better spec'd and much more useful.

    I expect it will fail and apple will succeed.

  26. uhuznaa


    I'm really curious to see if people will prefer laptops with no keyboards or iPhones with a large screen.

  27. Hywel Thomas
    Thumb Down


    "But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

    Ah. Runs an OS that's designed for desktop use. So a piece of shit then.

  28. Wokstation
    Thumb Up

    Looks like...

    ...looks like it supports flash, going by the screenshot in the photograph.

  29. ThaRobster


    "But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

    So the picture showing it running Windows XP with IE6 is wrong then?

  30. Andy 97
    Thumb Down

    Oh dear.....

    I hope the product turns out better than their website.

  31. RegisterThis
    Thumb Up

    ... Just the Pill ...

    ... to stop the need for Pads ...

  32. Neil 6


    An Atom based tablet with an LED (hopefully) display. Add a USB DVD and install whatever OS you want.

    bye bye Ipad.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    It lacks the one important thing the iPad has

    The iPad's battery life exceeds the attention span of its user. Regardless of how attractive it is as a toy 10h are more than most people can handle so after they are done they will happily put it away on its charging craddle.

    You simply cannot attain these numbers using Wintel. So this "tablet" will either have to be tethered or will have sub-2h practical battery life (playing something encoded in H264).

    Just goes to show how "far off" the "industry innovator" (usually referred by el reg as Chipzilla) is from real innovation as well as how much crap does a modern PC do for nothing to ensure that the symbiotic MSFT-Intel-OEM relationship continues to flourish.

  34. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    But does it run


    or dare I ask


  35. Charles Calthrop

    IE 6

    Surely to fuck that isn't IE 6 on the screen?

    Come on Britain, we really can do better than that!

  36. Anonymous Coward

    X2 is keeping mum about the pricing.

    Which chip precisely? X2 wouldn't say, but told Reg Hardware that full technical details will be posted in a few weeks' time.

    Meanwhile Back at X2 HQ: " oh shit! how much? what can we slash?"

  37. Jim Coleman
    Thumb Up


    This would be ideal for the girlfriend and daughter - they need software compatibility with Windows 7 in devices of their own (would replace a very elderly W2K laptop and stop fighting over my desktop PC) but they don't type much and the iTablet's mobility would help stop everyone congregating in the study!

    Proper multitasking and the aforementioned app compatibility mean I won't have to shell out for new apps as well. Which is nice. As long as they're around the £300 or less, I might consider a couple of them. Much more compelling that the iPad.

  38. Stone Fox
    Jobs Horns


    When people were still speculating about the ipad and how it would include all the things this does but the ipad doesn't I was thinking that I might have to put aside my dislike of all things apple and finally buy one of there products.

    thankfully Darth Jobs saved me from my moment of insanity by cocking the whole thing up to the point where half the IT industry were trying to figure out what it's actually *for*! (I quite like the 'it's a portable tv that doesn't play tv' story I found here.

    This however, might by worth a punt depending on price.

  39. James 127
    Gates Halo

    Screw the iPad

    THIS is what I've been waiting for!!!!

  40. OFI
    Jobs Halo


    "But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

    Pic shows Windows XP ;-)

    I'm sure this was probably said for mobile phones and laptops in previous years but why is everyone so keen on a built in camera for the tablet? Just seems to me an extra feature that many will have little use for.

    Bluetooth capability so you could send photos from a phone if required would probably suffice.

    I just can't imagine walking around taking photos with a 12" tablet..

    I would guess this won't have the nice touch interface the iPad will have though :-(

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    probly the best....

    Probably the best Windows tablet to date. Can't wait for the rest of the specs...Would be nice to have a half decent tablet with out the strangle hold of the JOBSINATOR.

  42. Anonymous Coward

    Dare I say it...

    ...but this is better looking that the ipad??? I suspect the black one will be best.

    If they can make it as slick to operate as the ipad, and include windows 7 (not the XP from the pic), I'm sold.

    No 16:9 ratio though. Hmmm. Same downside as the ipad.

  43. BobaFett

    Is this for real?

    It's a lousy photoshop effort and the image shows Windows XP, not Windows 7. And is that very small dot at the top of the bezel supposed to be a webcam? Looks more like a pinhole camera.

  44. Jamie Kitson

    Windows What?

    It doesn't look like it's running Windows 7 in the picture.

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    running windows 7 ????

    So why does the iTablet in the picture have XP running on it ?

    Paris ... well why not ?

  46. Neill Mitchell

    Size isn't everything

    Who needs 12 inches?

  47. Superspurs

    It looks pretty enough

    Why is it running XP in that photo if its going to ship with Win 7?.

    It will be interesting to see the pricing, as I dont see how it will compete (on a cost basis) with the iPad.

  48. Richard Hodgson
    Thumb Up

    That looks...

    ...oddly like Windows XP to me. Thought it was meant to be Windows 7?

    At least it has USB ports and, I'm assuming, support for booting from them - I'm sure someone will make a good Linux port for it.

  49. Jeremy Chappell


    Looks nifty, but I bet it costs more than the iPad! However, it looks fantastic for robotics hobbyists, the unit could be mounted on a robot, better if you can specify a SSD storage instead of spinning disk.

    The article says, Windows 7, the unit in the picture is XP - which is it? Additionally, can it do Linux? (in a useful way, so the touch screen works properly).

    Smiley face, as it reminds me of Gerty.

  50. Steven Knox Silver badge


    "But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

    But the pic is showing Windows XP: virtual machine, photoshop, or what?


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