back to article Baker's dozen for bumper February MS Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is planning a bumper patch Tuesday, with 13 bulletins that collectively fix 26 difference vulnerabilities. Five of the bulletins are rated critical, seven as important, and one as moderate risk. Eleven of the baker's dozen of notices affect Windows, while two involve Office. All versions of Windows will need …


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  1. Winkypop Silver badge





  2. Anonymous Coward


    Xtremely Pants

    Xtremely Poo

    the list could go on and on.

  3. Bilgepipe

    What another patch?

    I only finished applying patches to XP the other day, now there are more. I don't know what this "patch Tuesday" thing is all about, I get a steady stream of security patches every time I boot the thing up.

    Only had one Mac OX security patch so far this year, though.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      This is a great reason...

      to have a WSUS server.


    patches for windows

    microsoft had no choice but to keep patching xp because people who have xp desktops or laptops cant or either upgrade simply due to cost cause you have to buy the os but before you even do that you have check to see wether it runs 7 or sucky vista and the chance of that is like 90% wont run simply cause the hardware isnt powerful enough or the 3rd party companys wont release new drivers windows does suck at times ive noticed that when apple release a os they give you a upgrade option for 30 quid thats pounds for us uk people haha. not windows oh no they have to make it complicated for the user with multiple versions and different prices and you wonder why people move to apple.

    1. Christopher Rogers

      come gain?

      I was going to say complete lack of grammar, but i found 2 'full stops'. Frankly that statement read like vomit on the screen.

      1. scottboy


        Full stops are punctuation, not grammar, and your apostrophes are unnecessary. I should always be a capital letter.

        It's always a good idea to check thoroughly when you're correcting someone's English.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not as complicated as your complete lack of punctuation, grammar and general literacy.

  6. andy gibson

    The cheek of it

    And to think, on another forum I had a few people bleating on to me about the merits of Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Why anyone would trust Microsoft for security programs when they can't even protect their core system is beyond me.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      If you don't understand why MS security is superior, then clearly you don't understand securtity.

      Security the experts assure us, is not an endpoint but a process. Microsoft demonstrates superiority of process by attuning technicians to the necessity of frequently changing the systems to modify the parameters of the attack surface malware attacks. They also instill the appropriate level of fear and paranoia so that you KNOW your system is not secure, unlike the misguided users of other operating systems who believe their systems are secure when in fact they are not.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Baker's Dozen

    because you guys at El Reg are superstitious?

  8. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Quantum XPXSSXXXXStream Programming .... Virtual Machine Modelling for Deaspora.

    "Microsoft has issued a security bulletin about the problem and aims to tackle it at a future date. At the moment there is no evidence that this latest find is being actively exploited online. " ...

    Not being actively exploited online? Oh Please, Get Real. You cannot be Serious.

    IT is Kernel Hacked and Crack Coding Cracked, Online ..... for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT with CyberIntelAIgent Security Theatres of Operation .... Virtual Reality Fields with ESPecial ProgramMINGs ........ Heavenly Missions.

    Por Favor, Senor Bill/Steve the Man/Director Blair. .........In Conclusion ... . "A year ago the deteriorating global economy threatened to trigger widespread political instability. I am happy to report that, while the recovery remains tenuous, the past economic clouds darkening the whole strategic outlook have partially lifted. Despite the myriad uncertainties and continuing challenges, the economic and political picture we are facing today could have been far worse if the economic free fall had not been stopped. As I indicated last year, the international security environment is complex. No dominant adversary faces the United States that threatens our existence with military force. Rather, the complexity of the issues and multiplicity of actors—both state and non state—increasingly constitutes one of our biggest challenges. We in the Intelligence Community are seeking to understand and master the complexity and interlocking ties between issues and actors and in doing so believe we can help protect vital US interests in close cooperation with other civilian and military members of the US Government." ....

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