back to article Betting sites balance fraudster nab and customer loss

Online gambling sites are fighting ever-sharper fraudsters, forcing them to balance stricter anti-cheat measures against the risk of alienating some of their best customers. Last week's Betting and Gaming 2010 Conference ran just days after it was revealed bookmakers Ladbrokes was investigating the loss of thousands of …


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World of Warcraft?

Seriously, they're moving TOWARDS a wow model? This is the same game where thousands of players keep getting scammed and duped items flood the markets? That's a step forward?

I need to get a job in gambling security stat.

Paris Hilton


"if you've got ten layers of security, the key logger will log them all. You might as well use user name and password and let your users get in nice and easy"

This is from a supposed professional? One can only assume he's never heard of on-screen keyboards, partial passphrase requests or callback systems?

Besides, it's all a bit rich (sorry) coming from an "industry" that generates its income simply by taking money off people in excange for a few flashing lights.


assumption valid?

"A good industry rule of thumb is that fraud costs two to three per cent of a business's revenues."

I don't know that the same assumption applies for every business - I'd expect internet gambling to have higher fraud rates than casino gambling, not to mention other types of business, from banks to bakeries.

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