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Last year was a good 12 months for netbook makers: together they shipped 30.2 million of the mini laptops. That, market watcher Strategy Analytics said this week, is 79 per cent more than they managed in 2008. To put that into context, fellow researcher IDC earlier this year put 2009's total PC shipments at 294.2m units. IDC …


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Anonymous Coward


Hardly, having had an HP 2133 since the summer (now running Mint) I wouldn't be without it. It's the best thing since my 5MX (which is still in use!)


Why on Earth...

..Would anyone buy a netbook when you can buy a shiny new iPad? Just wait, when the Moses Tablet is finally available to us unworthy mortals, it will signal THE END of those junky netbooks.

Why buy a piece of crap when you can splurge on some shiny superior Apple kit? Yes you can't install the (non-Apple approved) programs(s) of your choice, yes you can't hold it with two hands and thumb type, yes you can't get a good viewing angle when you're seated at a table and it's laying flat, yes Apple has you by the short and curly's when it comes to downloading content without iTunes. But hey, it's still an Apple and it's all about the 'User Experience'. This survey will seem like a joke 6 months from now.

I feel sorry for all you netbook toting fools. Apple is the only way to go. That's what the Church of Jobs keeps telling us.

Jobs Horns


So Netbooks alone outsell Apples of all ilks by 3:1. Kudos to SJ last week for really capturing the consumers mood.

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