back to article Sony, Vodafone vie for X10 UK launch first

Sony Ericsson intends to beat Vodafone to the launch of its first Android-based smartphone, the Xperia X10. Vodafone has updated its X10 webpage to say that the smartphone is “coming soon”, with April named as the specific month. SE_X10_Vodafone Vodafone will launch the X10 in April However, staff from Sony Ericsson’s …


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Fingers crossed

Let's hope they've fixed the lagginess in the interface then, or that Snapdragon won't mean jack. This is a phone I really want to love, but those early demo videos don't look hopeful.


Laggy interface already fixed

I can remember seeing a video of an X10 running perfectly well, have a look around on Youtube and I'm sure you'll find it.

I agree that those earlier videos were pretty disheartening - I almost wish SonyEricsson would stop showing products so long before they are finished. Almost.

I just need to see one of these in the flesh, as I've heard they're a bit on the large size so I need to decide for myself.

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My biggest worry about Android

Android seems a much more liberal and flexible platform than the iPhone, however all these different manufacturers seem to be rolling their own versions of it. I'm deeply concerned that provider support and 3rd party app support is going to be all over the shop.

If I were to buy an expensive smart phone I would *expect* continued patches and version upgrades as a feature of the phone. I trust that Google will upgrade the Nexus One for some time to come but what about phones from Samsung, Motorola, Sony etc.? A typical phone contract is 12-24 months and I would expect proper continuing upgrades and support for that duration.

3rd party apps are another issue. Every Android phone should be interoperable with every other at the same version level. I just fear that with all these models all going off their separate ways that it destroys a key feature of the platform. I would hope that all Android partners recognize this and perhaps define some kind of compatibility logo which ensures interoperability. Otherwise I can see the app market collapsing.



Couldn't agree more...And also the user interface and experience, nearly everyone seems to be making their own skin...No two devices operate in the same way....It's greatest asset as touted by techies is its openness, but yet that is also the biggest downfall in my opinion...


Everyone's phone has an 18× Digital Zoom

It's called Microsoft Paint.



pretty lady tricked me into watching the video mmmm

mines the one with the quick release fasteners


not buying one

for the price its coming in at id really expect there to be at least a cover over the camera lens and is it me or does it not have a flash on there either? certainly not a decent one. why the hell no keyboard either. rumours dont seem sure if its android 2.0 or 1.6.

really sonyericsson, just how many blonde girlys do you think are waiting to buy your £500 android smart phone so they can use it as a mirror to go shopping with.

go find your marketing department, line them up against a wall and shoot them all repeatedly

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