back to article Teen blogging is sick! (and not in a good way)

Teenagers are bored with blogging and are moving onto other public confessionals forms. In 2006 28 per cent of US teen internet users were bloggers. Now only 14 per cent blog today, with 52 per cent commenting on friends' blogs, down from 76 per cent in 2006 (source: Pew Research Center, Feb'10). Is this such a surprise? …


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Pointless, indeed

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Well that would be a sad and pointless thing to do, wouldn't it?

Oh, crap.

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They're still blogging

For some reason, social network sites like Facebook are not considered blogging? Everyone that I know that had a blog, is now writing the same content on Facebook (that's what Facebook Notes, and updates with links, photos, or video are). Blogging hasn't gone away, it has migrated. Facebook provides the infrastructure and better access controls, limiting spam and trolls. If blogging migrates again in a few years (say to Google Wave), will the next headline read "Social Media is Dead"?

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Chit Chat - Shit Shat

It got boring writing basically shit to yourself...

Just like 10 billion other people did.

And the novelty of stick on "instant online friends" who one never thought much of or had much time for, just like they with you.....

And the trend setting craze of having millions of fake friends, just like everyone else.....

That wore thin..... as the overwhelming shallowness of it all sank in.

Life was passing us by and so we left to live it.

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