back to article Office 2010 Release Candidate taps small pool of testers

Microsoft has pushed out a near-ready version of Office 2010 to a select bunch of testers. The company plans to ship the software in June this year, however members of Microsoft’s TAP (technology adoption programme) now have a Release Candidate copy of Office 2010. In November, MS pumped out a beta version of its bundled …


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Office is dumbed down too much.

They made Office 2007 look idiot proof or made for third grade children.

Again I wish Microsoft had the guts to give what many of us want.

The simplicity of Office 97 but with the power of office 2007.

So to be able to do that is a very simple process.

Have the ability to SKIN Office. Make it look like any older version of office even though the core engine is still 2007-10

What is so bad about that? Not bad at all I think.

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None for me thanks

I'll upgrade my Office install when they let me shut off the horrid ribbon interface and go back to standard menus and accelerator keys. I tried to get used to the ribbon for 2 months but it's horrid for my use; it forces mouse use to such an extent that it slows down my workflow considerably.

I mainly now use OpenOffice as a result, and for the one program I can't replace that way (Outlook) at work, I went back to using a 7 year old Windows XP machine that still had Office 2003 on it, shelving the brand new machine with Office 2007.

Somehow I doubt Office 2010 is going to return to sanity though. And it'll probably be unusable on anything less than a quad core CPU with 8GB of RAM.

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Accelerator keys

In Office 2007 I still use all my old school accelerator keys from back in the old days. ALT+T->i (Tools menu, "i" for Add-ins) still brings up Excel's add-ins dialog, for example, which I use all the time.

Just because the menu is gone doesn't mean you can't still use old keystrokes to get to familiar places. Still works in Office 2010 Beta as well. Are you sure you've actually tried it?

Jobs Halo

Basic Edition?

What about Office 2010 Basic we've been hearing about, which is due to replace Microsoft Works with a free/adware version of Office?

/St.Steve 'cos new Macs come with iWork which has no ads


I've been happily using Office 2010 retail

SoftMaker Office 2010, that is. No more crashes, no more freezes, no more ribbons--just complete compatibility (are you listening, Open Office?) at about € 23 ($27) a seat for a 3-license pack. Try it for free and compare it to Open Office; for me, it was no contest.



I kind'a actually like the ribbon now... but, what's the reason for this new version? is it leaner, faster, more intelligent? does it intuitively know what you want to do and finish it for you? maybe the grammar checker is now utterly infallible, or they finally have a built in PDF creator.

I know Outlook now gives you a 'conversation tree' option (and something to do with Journal), but exactly how is Word and Excel 2010 a couple of hundred quid better than 2007? Serious question by the way. 2007 gave us a new file system and UI overhaul.

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