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Apple has posted an iPhone firmware update that, it claims, delivers improved battery analysis on the 3GS, while also fixing bugs. Version 3.1.3 – also compatible with the iPod Touch – improves the 3GS’ ability to detect how much battery power it has left, Apple said. The update – which supersedes version 3.1.2, released back …


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Move along

I'll be honest, I'm not touching that with a bargepole. Nearly every firmware upgrade has been frought with probs to some extent, and I'm not seeing the advantages - especially as you can't go back if you decide it's unstable.

No thanks.

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" ...especially as you can't go back if you decide it's unstable."

Personally I've never had any problem with my 2 iphones when updating, ALL updates have ALL gone swimmingly.

the only time I've ever had to rollback a version was when I was testing beta firmware revisions for app development. it's very easy to do, just google it.


Ofcourse you can go back

Not that I've ever had a need, but I appreciate some may for what ever reason...RTFM and you find out how you can go back to an earlier version...You can even choose exactly which version....If would not move along if I was you, but take some time to read the manual...


iPhone buggy software (when used with Google Blogger)

I'll give Apple (perhaps in combination with Google Blogger) a big fat FAIL for the quality of their software. I have a Google Blogspot blog and it used to be fine. But then with some updates the Blogger user interface on the iPhone has gone completely screwy:

1) Forget about using the Compose mode, one can only edit a blog post in raw HTML.

2) Forget about pasting a URL from the cut-and-paste buffer into the Insert Link dialog.

3) The same Insert Link dialog refuses to rotate to landscape mode.

4) The cursor often refuses to be placed into the first column.

5) When accessing feature, such as Bold, the screen position keeps randomly changing forcing the user to scroll back to the location of interest.

There are more issues, I can't recall all of them right now. But the overall impression is that the person in charge of this section of iPhone code is an blithering idiot. All anyone would have to do is try to run a Google blog using the iPhone to see how incredibly messed-up it is.

And yes, I have reset and reloaded and restored and rehabilitated the iPhone. And tried another iPhone.


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... I wonder if it's intentional because of Apple and Google's mutual loathing?


...theres an app for that...

Regarding the google blogger problem - why not just use Blogpress lite to edit your blog?

Lets face it - no one gives a sh1t about your blog any way.


First 2 posts...

Chalk me down for 1 user who doesn't know what he's doing, and blames Apple, and another that is having a problem with a 3rd party application update, and blames Apple. So make that 2 users who don't know what they are talking about. Happy times :)


Good one

Yeah, I'm the idiot - plug in iPod, click "install" when prompted. I forgot it was rocket science.

Try a quick search for the error codes in the 16xx range, then kindly bite me.


Consider yourself nibbled

I tried a quick search for said error codes. Seems you need to do a re-install. Seems fairly straightforward. Of course, you wouldn't have had to feel my teeth if you had said "I have trouble restoring" rather than asserting that downgrading is not possible.

You're welcome.

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No more bricks

Every firmware update since 3.0 has almost bricked my iPod Touch and I've had to use iTunes on XP to get it back as the recovery drivers refuse to work on Win7 (or Vista before it).

Looking at the Apple forums shows that this is a common problem but Apple as usual won't even acknowledge it, let alone fix it.

Until this issue is sorted Apple can stick its update a mile up its California-tanned botty!

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