back to article Google calls time on Blogger FTP

Google will no longer allow FTP publishing on its Blogger service beginning March 26. The company announced the change with a Tuesday blog post and emails to existing users. According to Blogger product manager Rick Klau, only about one half of one per cent of the service's active blogs are published via FTP. "FTP remains a …


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  1. joe90


    .. more of these people will move to WordPress instead....

  2. grom

    Could have been worse

    I've been with blogger since the beta, long before Google got involved and paid for the old Blogger Pro service (never did get a refund from Google!) and I still use the ftp method.

    I've gone from reading this and getting extremely angry to not actually minding in a very short space of time having just checked my mail and seen the notification from google. They have the grace to acknowledge that it will really annoy and frustrate users and they're actually trying to do as much as they can to help with the transition - it marked contrast to every other company who have instigated changes like this.

    I can't really complain since they're setting up migration tools, forums, blogs and scheduling conference calls to help a small amount of old-skool ftp users like myself instead of just saying 'We're switching it off - tough!'

  3. davtom

    Goodbye Blogger, hello WordPress

    Time to test out the Wordpress migration tool!

  4. Diamondhell
    Thumb Down


    We have a number of blogs embedded in customer websites. Google are basically canning how we publish blogs into business websites.

    The article from Blogger Buzz offers no explanation of how we handle this and integrate the blogs into these sites.

    However many forums and blogs they set up it's not making up for removing the way it's possible to embed a blog properly into a company website. Anyone got any suggestions on how that can be replicated? On first look we're a bit screwed AND it'll mean we have to wrestle with our customers over how the cost of this remedial work is covered.

    I'm sure they'll understand that Google are sorry and think their actions suck.....

    1. Disco-Legend-Zeke

      Iframes? RSS?

      If it is published anywhere, it should be trivial to replicate it elsewhere.

      At least it seems trivial for the thousands of scraper sites that use my creative(?) output to boost their page rank.

    2. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Let me get this straight...

      Your business depends on a free service from another company, and you're cheesed they decided to change things up?

      1. Diamondhell

        don't get too attached to your Gmail then.....

        Thankfully our business doesn't 'depend' on the blogger FTP service, but it has been a useful component in our armoury, under which the rug has been pretty unceremoniously pulled.

        If Google are comfortable pulling this, says who they won't be comfortable pulling any other service that maybe other people take for granted?

        The big issues for us are that it's only about six weeks notice and there's no immediate way, that will work as well, to replicate this functionality.

  5. Kiell

    Frustrating, to say the least.

    In a similar position to Diamondhell, though on a much smaller scale. My site uses various php_includes to draw in various elements, one of which is the blog content. This is little more than tables and text, but trying to recreate this through other means is going to require some thought.

    I can see Gene's point and yes, lesson learnt.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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