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Newcastle is to get its very own Apple Store, as soon as next week if we have parsed this report correctly. With the outlet in the Newcastle's Eldon Square Shopping Centre under its belt, Apple has retail coverage sewn up more or less in Scotland and the North, although people from Edinburgh might disagree. Currently, Apple …


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  1. Neur0mancer


    Ah will bet that those clivvor people from Newcassel winnet be buyin owt from them.

  2. Nigel Callaghan Silver badge

    Units again...

    How much is that in double-decker buses per tennis-court?

  3. Dogbyte

    Can't... resist...

    Whey iPod, man!

  4. John Goodwin 4


    An' thor wes wor thinkin that champion wes a Yorkshire phrase?

  5. TeeCee Gold badge


    "Centre manager Tim Lamb" owes me a new bloody keyboard. Big time.

    Reminds me of that outtake with some councillor promoting tourism in Scarborough doing a piece to camera at the castle with a background view along the front over the beach below. Something like this: "Look at that. Sun, sea, sand, everything you could want. Why would anyone want to go to the Costa del Sol when they could come here?..............and if you believe that load of bollocks, you'll believe that still on?"

  6. Joseph Haig

    I apologise in advance ...

    Will they be selling y-iPads?

    1. Coruscating Frenzy
      Thumb Up


      "... that outtake with some councillor promoting tourism in Scarborough ..."

      Or, as we Scarborough folk remember him, our much-unlamented fat Tory MP, Michael Shaw.

      Can't say he was missed, after the next election saw the back of the buffoon.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I can see it now

    Wai ai pods, Wai ai macs and Wai ai pads as fur as they aye can see.

  8. DPWDC


    Eldon Square?! The Metrocentre (formerly Europes largest shopping centre) is a stones throw away and would have a better customer base, with parking! The town centre is a nightmare in comparison!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Dead canny

    Aye that's dead canny that like. Man. Yer nar.

    Bet the mackems are jealous! They can haddaway and sh**e!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Fookin about time

    Wor lass canna wait. She ganna get an IPad.

    For me being a Mac fiend, its bloody ironic, Snow Leopard comes out with exchange support, and now an Apple store in the toon, now I'm out of full time work, nay bloody money now.

  11. John 62

    OT: Holister

    I admit that I queued to get into a Holister shop to see what the fuss was about. It was so dark I could hardly see the clothes with rips and frayed hems and especially the poorly applied decals. Honestly, it was like a dark TK Maxx without the nice bargains you can find everysooften. The very strong smell (or fragrance, to the joss-stick crowd) in the shop wasn't bad, but I'd hardly say I'd want it for my own home. At least it was incredibly warm on a cold november day.

    I've had a so-so experience with the Apple Store, but at least they have free Wi-Fi and they eventually got my stuff sorted, and one could actually see and play about with the products, even if the prices are well hidden. One nice touch was, when I needed a new Mini-DVI to VGA dongle and I accidently picked up one for the MacBook Air. The sales assistant asked if I really had an MBA and I was prevented from wasting 15 quid.

    Grenade, cos no-one would notice the damage to Holister's clothes.

    1. Ben Cockburn


      Says the fella who has no idea...

      Stones throw away? Ahh live in Gateshead me and a tell ye it's tae far. 13 minutes from Gateshead te the middle of Newcastle, that's aall. 25 minutes tae the Metrocentre - that's rubbish. And it gets busy there, like.

      (Apologies to most Londoners, where, like I have to do tomorrow from Finchley, it's an hour and a half to get anywhere useful - by car, by train, by tube - but this is what we argue about up norf)


    2. Jerome 0

      MacBook Air

      "The sales assistant asked if I really had an MBA and I was prevented from wasting 15 quid."

      The staff in the store thought you didn't look classy enough to own Apple's luxury model, and you're grateful? :)

  12. Dan Herd

    I'm sorry...

    ...but that was just a noise.

  13. Cynical


    The fact the almighty Apple is *preparing* to open a store anywhere is newsworthy now?

    Can't the media discuss anything else?

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    apple store in newcastle

    apple store in newcastle its about time we havent had a a store in newcastle the only apple shop is pcworld but they only sell apple computers mostly and a few ipods etc but its always nice to have a apple store. i live in newcastle but i cant say where hahaha personnel information lol if this store in the toon is successful then they might open more near buy. theres a toon for that hahaha

    1. Ben Cockburn


      That comment was not worth reading...

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Reason for Eldon Square vs Metro Centre? @DPWDC

    Eldon Square because it is central to Newcastle, and all those students that are more likely to be customers. It has rail & Metro access, whereas Metro Centre only has rail. Metro Transit system covers a wider area including all of South/North Tyneside and Sunderland. There is plenty of parking in central Newcastle, and buses. Metro centre? You need a car to get there.

    If you just sit and watch people in Eldon Square and the Metro centre, you will notice a subtle difference between the shoppers. In the Metro Centre you get more families, visiting the Cinema and eating out, not always buying things. Watch the people in and around Eldon Square, they have lots of bags, they seem to be buying more. Try it and see.

  16. Jim 59

    You say Wii, I say Wi i

    Eldon Square is a bus ride for most people. Metre Centre is a 4 billion year queue on the Western Bypass. I remember when they built the MC, and how they never built any extra roads to support it, effectively turning the existing Western Bypass into a permanent car park.

    It must come as a suprise to southerners going to Scotland that they have to queue for 2 hours going past a shopping centre. But it made John Hall rich.

  17. Adam T

    Newcastle, "Fashion capital of the UK"

    Hah. Hah. Haaaah. HAhaaha! oh please that really made my day! :)

    Christ, Eldon Square is only good for short-cuts to keep out of the rain.

    Why didn't they just put it on Northumberland St.? That's where all the people traffic is. Dumb.

  18. SirTainleyBarking

    Sid the Sexist and his Mac

    "These Californian-based US companies know all about Newcastle. They know it is one of the fashion and shopping capitals of the UK," he told the Evening Chronicle.

    No they just saw the email about Windaz, Geordie edition, and decided to get a subscription to Viz

  19. ScottishYorkshireMan

    Didn't apple used to have stores?

    Used to call them AppleCentres, that's back in the day when they thought they were a business brand because British Gas and BP bought a couple. Now all they do is electronic prada in form of music boxes and computers who their owners defend to the world out of fear they bought the wrong computer.

    There was an AppleCentre Newcastle and an AppleCentre Northeast back in the day.

    ho hum how the reality distortion field of Apples Master does increase....

    Anyone remember the Mac Clones..... bwa ha ha.....

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