back to article UK mum lost 50kg with 'Wii Fit diet'

A British woman who used to tip the scales at 114kg (18 stone) has proclaimed that Wii Fit saved her life, after she lost a whopping 50kg playing the Nintendo videogame. In just one year, Laura Roberts of Farnborough, Hampshire went from size 22 to size 10 by exercising with Wii Fit for one hour each day, the News of The World …


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Surely the key to successful weight loss is a change in diet, COMBINED WITH regular exercise. It's that latter point that most people have trouble remembering.

The fact that this woman was using a Wii is purely incidental. She could have been using an exercise bike, going for a jog, or anything else as long as she was active. The Wii just got her off her arse.

The Wii didn't cause her to lose weight, her strong mind and will-power did that and I say good on her!

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