back to article Nexus One poised for iPhone's American 3G

Google is on the verge of releasing a version of its Nexus One handset that will run on AT&T's 3G network. Unveiled in early January, the Googlephone is a GSM-based device, and it's sold unlocked from Mountain View's very own online store. But the inaugural version does not work with the 3G network run by AT&T, the largest GSM …


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iPhone Killer

The iPhone is made by one manufacturer, controlled as far as applications (one source- Apple), and only available on one network. When Google brings the Nexus one and Dell brings their Android phone to AT&T, those who sat on the fence about the iPhone due to it's lack of support for flash, user nonreplaceable battery, and other features, will flock to the Android phones. Also, since Android phones are being made available on Verizon as well as T-Mobile, not to mention the Palm Pre and Pixi being made available on Verizon, iPhone will find itself surrounded by the Android platform (as well as other Linux Platforms). It's only a matter of time before Linux outsells iPhone.


"It's only a matter of time before Linux..."

How many times have we heard that?


iPhone Killer ... zzzzzzzzzz

Oh FFS grow up!

I have both, in daily use, side by side. While the Nexus One is a highly capable handset, and the slickest Android to date, bar none, it is not an anyPhone killer. It stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Androids. But it does not "kill" the iPhone, no matter how much you or anyone else wish, hope and pray on bended knee that it does (or will).

You all make the same simplistic mistake of comparing technical specifications as if that is the be all and end all. It really isn't. Apple have created an experience with the iPhone and its infrastructure that is not evenly matched in the Android world - although, again, it is close. And if you all insist on making distinctions then "no" this is not a killer handset.

I can strongly recommend the Nexus One above any Android that currently exists. It really is the best that you can get. It is also the best you are going to find if you're an anti-anything-Apple Jihadist.

But please don't go buying this soppy line of the Nexus One being the iPhone killer. You may as well be searching for Unicorn plop for your rose bed.



This is going to be very interesting to watch, as I think the Googlephone and it's various Android-running relatives are going to be the only serious contenders for the Jesusphone. Stand by.


The time comith..

The Jesusphone, it is the strongest of all the phones. It's the *perfect* appcentre. If it wins the Prize, mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.

How do you fight such a savage?

With heart, faith and steel. In the end........ there can be only one.


@Gil Grissum

Have you used the Nexus One? It's trash.

I have one for development and it's jerky and has terrible hardware buttons. The touch buttons on the front have the hit area way off the actual button.

If it can't animate a sliding screen smoothly it shouldn't do it. The UI is also terrible, at one point I had 10 different icons at the top of the screen in the status bar.

Video recording is about the only nice thing on it. The default browser is terrible too. You can double tap to zoom in but it doesn't zoom to the column you're reading, just "in" an arbitrary amount.


Just a matter of time

I too have a Nexus One, and a very capable handset it is too. But I have to admit is it not quite up to the standard of the iPhone.....yet.

However now the OS has been open sourced it is only a matter of time until features are added (especially origional ones coming from left-field) and certain current aspects get polished. The Nexus One and indeed Android OS are the base of something that is going to be quite huge. This is what Apple have seen, and indeed are afraid of.

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@Just a matter of time

Exactly the same could be said about the Chrome browser, yet it is going no-where that Google itself hasn't pushed it - the open-source community is never going be in control of the Nexus One, or any other Gphone.

PS - El Reg - When are you going to fix the comment voting system?


@The First Dave

...except that Android already has. As Byers pointed out (albeit perhaps too subtly) Android already has multitouch, lossless music playing, and a wealth of other features patched in by some dedicated devs. Not for the Nexus One yet, but it's on the way.

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