back to article PHP fluffed to suck data from Microsoft's cloud

Zend Technologies has updated its developer framework to improve the way PHP applications float on Microsoft's Azure cloud. The PHP shop has released version its Zend Framework 1.10, claiming it lets developers easily call Windows Azure APIs from their open-source PHP applications. Applications will be able to call the …


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Gates Horns

embrace, extend, and extinguish

if there were reasonable signs that Microsoft has changed from an anti-competitive company to a competitive one, then this could be looked at as just another tool. But, since Microsoft continues its standard business practices of spreading FUD, purchasing contracts they'd otherwise lose, and ram rodding their proprietary software down the throats of everyone in their way, this just looks like another EEE tool. You know the type, get them to used the tool and when there's enough movement, reel it in so it only runs or is only updated on the Windows platform and Microsoft controlled tools and API's.

First give us extensive proof they are willing to compete on all platforms and only then should developers even think of glancing their way. Otherwise, it is all about herding you back to Windows and controlling what choices you have.

Stay away from AZURE until you ARE SURE your freedom of choice is ASSURED.

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