back to article Hong Kong Taoist masters still hard at it

A 47-year-old Hong Kong woman was conned out of HK$1.5m (£120,000) and persuaded to have sex with two Taoist "masters" on the promise of receiving HK$130m (£10.4m) in "heavenly treasure", HK's The Standard reports. Appearing before District Court judge Stanley Chan Kwong-chi, who recently sent down a truck-driving Taoist Mao …


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  1. Sven
    IT Angle


    Tech angle?

  2. James O'Shea Silver badge

    and we have a winner

    Sven, m'man, you just volunteered for a fun-filled, all-expenses-paid, trip to sunny Afghanistan where you will be a roadside bomb detector. That's a whole lot safer than asking about the tech angle on a Reg article. Especially in Bootnotes. And most particularly when it's Friday.

    Grenade 'cause Sven will be seeing a lot of them.

  3. peyton?
    Thumb Down

    Never thought about it til now

    But can you thumbs up your own post? I hope that is the case here.

  4. 1of10

    Re: IT?

    The Tech angle is the following

    The computerised dildo gadget made the pour girl reach multiple climaxes which trigger the hallucinations. That’s why she is now suing the guru for damages.

    Conclusion, don't mix computers, gadgets, binbos and religion within the same four walls or the court would land there too...

    And don't even attempt to see any images/movies from above case, well if you live in OZ. Otherwise you will get a visit from local police 10 minutes after you open the browser.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    The text appearing on the paper when she sprinkled water on it.

    You missed that?

  6. LPF

    Sweet weeping jesus

    sorry you have to laugh, I mean there's gullible and then theres gullible!!

  7. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    Sounds like Taoists are...

    ..Scientology wannabees.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    or the Labour Party

    Students or Doctors, or Lawyers, or Business Executives.

  9. Wommit


    Judge Chan adjourned sentencing on Deng until 11 February, "pending a victim's impact statement, and a Judge Chan adjourned sentencing on Deng until 11 February, "pending a victim's impact statement, and a psychological report on the accused". accused".

    Might be an idea to get a psychological report on the victim too.

  10. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    "and a psychological report on the accused"

    and the accuser, surely?

  11. TeeCee Gold badge

    No, no, no.

    Conning people out of all their money via dubious religious promises using an *existing* religion as a front is always going to land you in trouble. You're muscling in on someone else's established racket.

    The way to do this correctly is to invent a *new* religion. Something with Space Aliens in it* seems to go down well as a purse-loosener with the faithful.

    *Any resemblance to any existing Cults^H^H^H^H^HReligions here is purely intentional.

  12. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Re: IT?

    "IT angle?"? What is wrong with you people? Seriously. Someone enlighten me. I think we may have some sort of emergent new disorder ripe for classification here. More than one, in fact.

    Jesus H Crackpipe.

  13. Chris007

    see you've just got back from the pub Sarah

    read the IT Angle troll posting and responded.

  14. Little Bobby Tables

    I really must

    change my chat-up lines.

  15. cookieMonster
    Thumb Up

    victim impact statement/psychological report

    That's easy:

    They're "Broke" and also "Extremely F&%$£@g Stupid"

  16. Sven
    IT Angle

    Re: Sarah Bee

    "If anyone else asks what the IT angle is on a Bootnotes article, I will kill again."

  17. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: see you've just got back from the pub Sarah

    It's not trolling when they actually mean it. And sadly, most of the time I suspect they do.

  18. Richard 81

    Forgive him

    Forgive him oh great Sarah. He is young and does not yet know our ways.

  19. Stu

    On subject again...

    IT angle this, IT angle that, who freaking cares Sven!?


    Seems to me that the supposed monks were, indeed, pretty bad people, but some credit must still go to the dumb broad (Sarah Bee will love that!) who thought that tipping water on yellow paper reveals godly writings. AND that godly writings included mention of money.

    Even in HK how could somebody believe in a god which asks for money!?


    I can't for a second say she deserved this kind of treatment, but I think its definitely time for 'common sense' lessons in HK schools! Maybe tipped in with stories of such horrible scams for good measure.

    Jeez even TV adverts about it, something like our hard hitting government drink driving TV ads, would go down well over there warning young ladies of such disgusting scammers.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Even in HK how could somebody believe in a god which asks for money!?"

    Why just HK? Lets go to US and UK ...

    Scientology’s god(s) ask for more than that from the followers ;)

  21. Allan George Dyer Silver badge

    Yeah, but...

    Gods and deceased relatives in HK usually accept fake, specially printed "hell money", that *has to be burnt* to effect delivery.

    Schools in HK do have 'common sense' lessons, called "General Studies" that discuss topics such as spitting, littering, polite behaviour on public transport and the composition of the sort-of elected Legislature and Government, but I haven't seen anything covering refusing sex with religious leaders, probably because the Education Department is a bit prudish.

    We even have similar public service TV adverts (I fondly remember the "HK drains are important, and we must all make a contribution" - who says civil servants have no sense of humour?). If they bring out a "beware of fake priests" advert, it's likely to be a real classic, especially the "reconstruction", especially after it's been banned under the Obscene Publications Ordinance.

  22. Daedalus Silver badge

    Truly there is one born every minute

    Or in the case of China, every 15.98 seconds.

  23. DI_Wyman
    Thumb Up


    .....there goes my #2 plan down the dunny!

  24. kissingthecarpet
    Thumb Up

    I'm in the wrong job....

    I now officially declare myself to be a Taoist Master & I claim my 120 grand & free shags

  25. Anonymous Coward

    Motivation lost in translation

    Difficult to see how promise of 'heavenly treasure' would fly better in HK than in UK - not excepting that it might mean 72 stallions. OTOH I can quite see how 'heavenly booty' would work. Now where's a figure of 8 icon when you need one?

  26. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    One-upmanship ...

    ... let the lads from Lagos follow that. A 469?

    (Another IT angle)

  27. Graham Marsden

    The lads from Lagos...

    ... must be kicking themselves for missing out all these past several years...!

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Very unfair

    They hardly gave any time at all for the heavenly treasure to turn up before deciding the masters were conmen. A little more patience would have been in order.

    And some more sex, perhaps. And, well, if you insist, a little cash too.

  29. J 3

    Heavenly treasure?

    Well, she hasn't gone to heaven yet (I reckon she's still alive), so how does she know that the treasures aren't coming?

  30. Anonymous Coward

    well, i finally understand

    Knocking on heaven's door....

  31. Pablo


    The other guy came off sounding like a relatively harmless perv, but these two are genuine predatory creeps.

  32. D 13
    IT Angle

    This proves there is a market for the i(diot)-pad

    in Honk Kong at least, so there is an IT angle people just weren't looking deeply enough.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    China is intolerant of all religion

    apart from atheism, they are still communist in that way, so this is an element of religious intolerance. What makes a taoist master genuine? And the answer to that is nothing in the eyes of Chinese authority, they don't recognise any religion, philosophy, ideology, beyond that of communism, and there communism Animal Farm style not Marxist.

    Anyway, what is happening with the plucky island of Taiwan I hear they have new toys.

  34. Allan George Dyer Silver badge

    So wrong...

    As an aside, speaking as an atheist, atheism is not a religion.

    This is absolutely NOT an example of religious intolerance: there are many religions operating in Hong Kong: Taoists, Buddhists, Christians (Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists...), Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses... Even the Falung Dafa (Falung Gong), who have semi-permanent pitches in busy locations protesting how their fellow believers are tortured on the Mainland. Our Chief Executive is a devote Catholic, and the former Bishop of Hong Kong, now promoted to Cardinal, Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, is famous for his outspoken criticism of the Beijing Government. Hong Kong has religious freedom. This is one aspect of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy that guarantees the colonial freedoms for 50 years.

    The commentary on the trial had various respected Taoist Masters explaining that their religion does not include sex rites (I'm not sure if any testified at the trial). I'm not qualified to say who is a Taoist Master, but there are plenty of Taoists around who can.

    As for that "plucky little island", that is another situation far beyond your simple powers of comprehension, take a look at the importance of cross-straits trade.

    Now, toddle off back to your kindergarten, when you grow up, you can re-read George Orwell, and maybe understand a bit more of what he was saying.

  35. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

    You fail on three points...

    1) Atheism is not a religion, it is defined as being the absence of religious beliefs.

    2) Animal farm was an allegory pertaining to Soviet communism, closer to Marxism than the Maoist variety they have in China.

    3) It's 'their', not 'there'. you claim to be able to read books, you should know the difference between two simple and common homophones FFS.

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