back to article High-flying 3PAR down at ground level

3PAR is growing revenues, but has seen the bottom line go red in its third quarter. Its product strengths don't seem strong enough to repel competitive pressures. Its third quarter 2010 revenues were four per cent up year-on-year at $50.1m, confirming as others have that the recession is definitely easing. Notwithstanding that …


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new software

I think with the rash of new software released very recently(past few weeks, though much of it was announced months ago) things will be better in the future.

I think they suffered quite a bit from the delay of the software which was originally due roughly a year ago, The fancy thin built in stuff in their F and T class systems were not usable until now.

There's one more major software improvement that is supposed to come later this year which will help a lot too. Though that too was originally pitched as being due a year ago.

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