back to article Top Gear's Stig prowls Loch Ness

We're obliged to all those readers who rushed to alert us that The Stig of Top Gear fame has been spotted on the shores of Loch Ness: The Stig captured at Loch Ness on Street View Of course, no one knows just who The Stig is, but what's clear is that, in common with Judge Dredd, he never takes his helmet off - a fact proved …


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  1. Kravex


    "Some say he knows the location of Nessy..."

  2. doob

    Identity hiding fail

    I like the way that his helmet is perfectly clear, but his stomach appears to have been blurred out.

  3. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    Stig with a stick ?

    Why has Stig apparently been auto-blurred just north of the genitals ? What exactly what was he doing ???

  4. Alain Moran

    Black Vauxhall

    Is it me or is the stig driving a Black Vauxhall?

    If you spin round, you can see two cars in the lay-by behind ... one silver which appears to have two people in it, and another Black one (I think it's a vauxhall, I'm not very good with modern cars) which has nobody in it ... evidently this must be the stig's own car!

    I would have thought he would be driving something a bit more swish than that :o

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  6. Mycho Silver badge

    Some say he is the real loch ness monster

    and that the google car is afraid of him.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Black car

      seems to have a google sticker in the back. Is this in fact the stig, or some kind of imposter?

      1. fergal


        thats not a Google sticker. thats a watermark.

      2. Anonymous Coward


        That "sticker" is Google's copyright watermark you numpty.

    2. fergal


      Isn't that what Google uses for their streetview cars..!!!

      all a bit suspect.

    3. a non-mouse cow heard

      some say

      the stigs real head is in his pants and the helmet on his head is in fact his..... helmet.....

  7. lansalot
    Thumb Up

    a small warning however...

    Earlier, I googled

    "the stig" "loch ness"

    and half the results that came up were pages loaded with malware.

    Be very careful if you're tempted to find it that way ! Other than that, nice one Stiggy-fella !

  8. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart
    Paris Hilton


    "he never takes his helmet off "

    Fnarrr, Fnarrr

    Paris, who has taken off at least two helmets

  9. TeeCee Gold badge

    What I want to know.

    Why has the Google blur-o-matic (tm) (beta) decided to blur out his, er, gentleman's area? Is there some previously unknown fact about The Stig being given away here?

    (Cue endless 40' snake/Nessie gags)

  10. Scott Mckenzie


    No-one knows... you sure about that?

    Aside from myself and about 9000 other people on various fora i'm aware of i'm sure there are many others too.

  11. MAB

    I discovered the stig at Loch Ness

    I spotted the Stig mooching round Loch Ness! I sold the news to the Sun. Well, I say sold, I'm yet to receive any money.

    I was previously an armchair parachuteer. I would put a fan in my face and rapidly zoom into Google Earth stopping just before I hit the deck, or max zoom level reached - whichever was sooner. I'm now an armchair driver. I travel along the countries roads (via streetview) - again with my trusty fan in my face (not sure why as my windscreen is fully functional) looking for the Stig. It's environmentally friendly too with 0 carbon emission and very little sulphur.

    Are there any other readers out there with no lives like me?

    1. Annihilator


      "Are there any other readers out there with no lives like me?"

      Not sure, but if there are, can you invite them all round to your house? Be good to keep them in one place I think!...

    2. Brutus


      This is not a fail. To be honest, Scott, I rather like the pretense that no-one knows. It's a bit like not knowing that Santa Claus is really your Dad (or Mum or whoever).

      On the other hand, I also appreciate the fact that you haven't blurted out the name of the tame racing driver(s).

  12. John I'm only dancing

    A Stig of many colours

    How can the man be in so many places at once? Has he rent the fabric of space and time? We must be told.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Nice but...

    They could have been a bit more subtle about it. Following the A82, the camera car was clearly photographing travelling away from Stig in both directions and they even left in one shot taken from the layby parked up behind the other black opel and Stig's silver Honda. Guess it must have been a bit chilly and Stig didn't want to be stood around too long, assuming it is the real Stig and not some Google wag.

  14. JP19

    Cardboard cut out.

    As has been widely discussed on the Interwebs, the office window siting is a cardboard cut out.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      well if its discussed on the internet...... !!

      how can a cardboard cutout, show more of him when you move up and down the road. it may be fake but its not 2 dimensional

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Who' is the Stig?

    What makes you assume the Stig is a 'who'?

  16. incunix

    the stig has been revealed right??

    Has no one seen this??? lol

  17. Graeme 7

    I'll take the high road if you take the low road

    Isn't it odd how in one photo the Google car is in the lay-by and in both directions along the road the car is obviously driving away from the Stig. So since it wasn't a simple drive-by but the Google car actually met up with the Stig, the Google driver either now knows the Stig or he setup a fake.

    Although I guess there is nothing to stop the stig driving there in his black vauxhall with his helmet on and never speaking to the Google driver.

    1. Scott Mckenzie


      That is a little bit 'singular'

    2. ravenviz Silver badge

      BBC on The Stig

      "A BBC spokeswoman would not confirm whether or not Schumacher was the genuine Stig: "You have to bear in mind that Top Gear is an entertainment programme. We never reveal who or what The Stig is"

      What do they mean *what* the Stig is? Are they suggesting some sort of mechanical monster or a golem?

  18. CC
    Thumb Down

    Not Nessy

    He is actually BIGFOOT!

  19. Martin 28

    Some say...

    ...that his face isn't where you'd expect it to be, and that his pet is the Loch Ness monster...

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Some say...

    ..that the stig is able to interact with technology and insert his image anywhere he sees fit, even if he has never visitied the place.

    I believe the stig is immune to the survelience state and only appears when and where he wants... for reasons unknown to mortal man.

    Alien..well...has anyone seen his face?

  21. Valerion

    Blurring of Gentlemans area

    Obvious when you think about it - it's where his registration number is!

  22. Fr. Ted Crilly

    Some say, Sting wears his wifes knickers.............

    AC Are you suggesting Stig also has 'laughing Man' powers

  23. Pudding

    Some say...

    ...that he was asking passers by for three fiddy.

  24. John Sturdy

    New algorithm?

    Perhaps it's a new blurring algorithm, which instead of blurring faces, replaces the whole image of the person with a Stig image? We could call it stiganography!

  25. Pudding

    Some say...

    That he was asking passers by for 'Three Fiddy'.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Some say he needs a new keyboard, because the old one has coffee dripping out of it.

      Others say his breath smells of boysenberry conserve and toast..

      Whatever, I am not the Stig.

  26. J 3

    Never takes helmet off...

    ...and apparently never unfolds his arms either!

    Must drive with the power of his mind.

  27. SimpleUser

    But, that Stig guy -

    we perfectly can identify him based on his shoes!

    Picture 4 at

    proofs nothing less!

  28. Anonymous Coward

    What is the dark shape in the water...

    ...just the the left of Stig and up a bit, above left from the tall bent tree.,-4.201562&sspn=0.008433,0.021479&ie=UTF8&t=h&layer=c&cbll=57.226109,-4.572287&panoid=ApPA1rwguy7D-Kl8q6i0bw&cbp=12,106.66,,1,1.33&ll=57.23443,-4.571943&spn=0,359.958243&z=15

  29. T0ny
    Black Helicopters

    Some say...

    ... he has the ability to get google to replace an entire section of the A82 on street view

    Links are from the ends of the original images facing in towards the stig's location.,-4.563896&cbp=12,208.64,,0,14.8,-4.576671&cbp=12,41.11,,0,10.99

  30. IR

    I'm guessing

    This is just like all the other famous British characters, like Mary Poppins and Paddington Bear, that were captured by Google Streetview - they were set up. The reg even reported on it sometime last year, albeit initially to ridicule someone who thought that the Mary Poppins character was a ghost for some stupid reason.

  31. Al fazed

    Stig ?

    Don't tell me that Top Gear is faking it now !

    Didn't they just reveal the Stig to be Michael Schumacher ?

    Either the other Reg commentards should change seats and sit in front of a TV set occasionally.

    Or I have been watching too much TV.


    1. Ben Tasker Silver badge

      Obviously not...

      Clearly you've not watched enough. The 'revelation' was a publicity stunt, and even Clarkson later said he didn't believe Schumacher was the stig.

      Either way WTF has that got to do with the article????

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Stig

    Some say instead of genitals he has a human face

    1. Pete 8

      No it is genitals

      Type your comment here — plain text only, no HTML

  33. SirTainleyBarking

    Well thats

    Top Gears version of "Wheres Wally?" blown out of the water

  34. Anonymous Coward

    re: the blur

    omg i cant see his crotch!!

    some say that makes him the crotch-less monster!!!

  35. Steen Hive

    Genitals Blurred?

    My knob!


    Loch Ness!





  36. Anonymous Coward

    These questions must be asked...

    Will he need a Pedo Certificate as he works with children ?

    What would a Perv Scanner show up ?

    How many re-incarnations has he gone through since Blonquist(T/F) ?

  37. Bugs R Us
    Paris Hilton

    I thought the Stig had been revealed?

    Did they not reveal last year that it was in fact Schuey?


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