back to article Nokia's X6 now Doesn’t Come With Music

Nokia has updated its X6 Comes With Music (CWM) handset with a rehashed model that... er... doesn’t come with music. The Finnish phone giant unveiled its X-series handset line – the successor to its established XpressMusic range — in September 2009. Nokia_X6_02 Nokia's X6 now comes with...just 16GB The X6 was the first …


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Nothing to do with...

...the phone and download service been plagued with problems with failed downloads, vanishing tracks and phones failing to refresh the tracks in the song library. No of course not, the firmware updates available at retailers and online from Nokia solved all the problems didn't it....

Did it bollocks.


Hmm ...

Also, if they insist keep on suggesting using these devices as music players it would be a good idea to fix the following (for starters):

1) Remove the high-pitched hiss when playing back mp3s to earphones (observed on a N95, with proper headphones, not present on a proper mp3 player, and probably not audible with the excuse for headphones that come with the device, which, evidently, their QA (if any) uses ...)

2) Provide a decent player: e.g.

2.1) Being able to adjust the volume in smaller than 10 % increments (0-100%) is less than ideal as 40 % was too silent and 50 % too loud for a silent environment. Turns out an add-on player had 1 % steps and could be adjusted to a suitable level so this is not likely to be a hardware limitation. The hiss mentioned in 1) was still present though ...

2.2) The stupid thing insists on being aware of music files and using poorly implemented playlists based on its (time consuming) scans instead of e.g. playing back everything found in (the subfolders) a certain (top level) folder on the microSD card.

... I suspect that in World Nokia "Xpress" is actually pronounced just like "Depress" ...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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