back to article EMC emerges from recession doldrums

EMC is emerging from the recession, with revenues back to where they were a year ago, but higher quarterly profits. The company recorded $4.1bn revenues for its fourth 2009 quarter which was just two per cent higher than the $4.02bn recorded in 2008's last quarter. However, without increased VMware revenues - $607m compared to …


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Well, something had to be cut to up the profits and it is customer service

EMC is rolling out what they call CE Optomization where most of EMC's larger customers are losing their site Customer Engineer that they may have had for years and bringing back inhouse most of the break/fix work that used to be passed to Unisys. Some CE's are made into install types and some are made into answering the phone types (a poor replacement for the customer engineer as these are not really technical types and just dont know the site and kit configuration) and most are made into "just fix the box and shut up" types.

What does that mean to us the customers?

No more having the same guy in the planning meetings, configuring the kit and being there at the end of the phone, that job is now done by several different people WHO DONT TALK TO EACH OTHER. If I have a question or problem now I cannot ring my CE anymore, I have to raise a ticket online and wait for hours for a callback....

What does it mean to Unisys?

They are now doing a small fraction of the work they used to do for EMC (expect redundancies there)

What does it mean to the EMC engineers?

The CE who used to deal with our site is now on a shift that will surely cause some divorces it is so crap (>60% unsociable hours). According to him, by the time they have brought back all the work and if the numbers dont add up there will be redundancies in EMC too and this along with the crap shift has made some CE's already jump ship. Service is going to go down the tube. Great.

What does it mean to EMC?

Short term profits, expect Tucci to sell up his options and retire before the shit hits the fan. EMC's customer service was a differentiator between it and the other vendors, the customer service has been slowly declining for a while (as have almost all the vendors) but now EMC is just another vendor where you call up the call centre in India and spend hours of your life explaining the same thing over and over and over .................................................................

Do you think our maintenance fee's are going to be reduced in line with our sevice levels?

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