back to article Indian Nokia workers ready to up tools

A two day strike at Nokia India is ending with most staff heading back to work, having been asked nicely and told that management will explain. The strike, which involved nearly 2,000 of the 8,000 staff at the site, started on Tuesday and was triggered by the transfer of one staff member and the suspension of around 60 for " …


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Anonymous Coward


"It's seems ironic that those at the very bottom of the information technology industry should have such trouble getting access to the right information"

Think your find it's pretty endemic throught all business including (if not more so) in IT.

What you've a new customer that need xyz installing by Monday, but it's Friday today. Oh you known about it for six months but it wasn't a priority then...


So much for the reduction in labor costs

Seems you can't just shoot'em, like you can in China? - some unknown Nokia executive



I worked in an R&D department at one of the sites in the UK and the HR and management team were legendary at miscommunication. The management would make a mistake and then get the HR department to sweep things under the carpet by making poor and lame excuses to justify the management decision.

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