back to article BBC and ITV chase gaming cash

ITV and the BBC will soon fight it out for more than just viewer numbers. It has emerged than both broadcasters are to create videogame versions of their most popular TV shows. Auntie has announced ambitions to transform a selection of shows, including Top Gear and Doctor Who, into games - the latter has been done plenty of …


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Dead Vulture

Annoying spelling critic again

Sorry: 'It has emerged than both broadcasters' should be 'It has emerged that both broadcasters'


Destiny of the Doctors

A game so poor I took it straight back to WH Smiths the next day and demanded a refund. Although it had some nice video sequences the game itself was slow and looked like it had been cobbled together by a couple of A-Level computing students.

As I recall even though the graphics were considerably lower quality than other games of the day, it ran at an appalling speed. On modern hardware it would probably fare better.

Anonymous Coward

Same here...

I remember that game. My son bought it, and within 24 hours I was standing by him while he demanded his money back - the game was a joke - we'd seen better on our old Spectrum a decade before. Even our local trading standards office became involved, I heard later.

The BBC should stick to what it's good at ... assuming anyone can determine exactly what that is beyond regularly demanding money with menaces for 4 out of the 100s of channels I have available.

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