back to article MS in Xbox 360 ESPN sports show talks

Microsoft is in talks with the Walt Disney Company to add sports channel ESPN to the Xbox 360, according to industry insiders. People "close" to the talks between the two firms told The New York Times that Microsoft has held in-depth discussions with Disney. A deal could lead to the launch of an ESPN subscription channel …


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No doubt

double dipping on the subscription, just like the Sky Xbox flop in the UK, where nobody uses it because not only do you have to pay Microsoft every month to use it, you also have to pay Sky every month to use it too..

Sounds like a really good deal (not...)



Wow, more useless crap to clog up the dashboard.

Facebook... Nope. Awful, awful

Twitter... Nope. Ditto

Sky... Nope. FTW!

Movies... Nope, i really wnat to watch other peoples childish avatars arsing around. (I have kids and a TV for that)

LastFM... Nope. I'm the kind of bastage that turns ingame music off cos i find it distracting.

ESPN... Nope. Sport, wassat then?

FFS, if i'd wanted an entertainment platform i would have bought a fat PS3!

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