back to article Server maker Verari sparks back into life

Say goodbye to Verari Systems, and say hello to Verari Technologies. As El Reg has been chronicling, the boutique blade server and storage maker and provider of containerized data centers hit the financial rocks in early December 2009 and after a few weeks of pondering the options, the handful of top brass left at the firm - …


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Rakable read Verari

Verari, RackGI are not big enough tin shifters to compete with very large tin shifters, e.g. Dell and HP, and even IBM. They had an angle for a couple years when the big boys stayed loyal to Intel, and they grabbed market share as AMD had a better CPU. That changed 3 years ago, and since then they have been on borrowed time. I would love to meet the VCs who put ~$50million into Verari, smile and ask WTF were you thinking of?

It's a sad state of affairs, but being cheap isn't enough any more and innovating is getting harder and harder to do.

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Ja, Ja, gut think

Das Verari name was too confusink anyway. I had a heat attack each time my son told me "Vater, I have crashed the Verrari".


Todd, you're way off my friend...

Todd, despite your cute names and sayings, you don't have a clue. Verari was doing fine when it was ran properly. We were profitable and growing. We were going up against the big guys all day long -- and winning.

I know, I was there, I was doing it.

However, I was also there to see the change, see what it did, and how we died.

Over 1/2 the time we'd win, it wouldn't be on price (we'd be about the same -- sometimes a bit more -- sometimes a bit less). We had better tech, a better org for customers to work with, smart sales people, and a team that was focused, fast, hungry, and confident.

Once that dynamic ended, it was only a matter of time. We became big, unfocused, sloppy, lazy, overly structured, and unmotivated. People quit being personally and invested with what happened with the company. It turned into a normal 9-5 job (not a 'bad' job, but just a job vs. something you really felt part of)

I'm still saddened about what happened. And I'll admit, I still get bitter when I see people make comments about why Verari failed when they haven't a clue.

(PS: I speak for myself and my OPINION of the feelings of others based on conversations and being there)

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