back to article Microhoozon calls for un-Google ebook guardian

Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo!, and other opponents of Google's Book Search settlement have proposed an alternative to the controversial legal pact, calling on the US Congress to appoint a "public guardian" to oversee a national database of digital books. The Open Book Alliance - whose members include the tech trio, Internet …


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"Google is essentially rewriting copyright law in a way that favors it above all other book sellers."

Copyright law is having adverse effects on society and business and needs to change. If governments aren't willing to move into the 21st century, private companies will inevitably have to lead the way.

If this process is indeed put back into the hands of governments as is being suggested, I don't see us going forward any time soon.

Also, I can see why Amazon has a problem with this, as it has products that could be directly affected. What are the other two moaning about, though?

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Exclusive license from who?

> US Authors Guild and the Association of American's top research libraries.

So exactly what gives them the right to do a deal with Google over stuff written , outside America, or before there was an America?


scary -- I agree with Microhoozen

Why should Google get to "take over" anything that someone doesn't scream loudly enough about? they didn't write these books -- they shouldn't get to be the default copyright holder with control over them...

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Well done Google - information is power!

As an avid user of Google Books, Apps and Search (Earth, Maps, sketchup too). I am very happy thay Google has taken a pro-active approach to digitising books. It is a fantastic resource for researchers, and puts access to information over the dollar.

If Governments could be so forward thinking, instead of in the pockets of lobbyists and vested interests, the world has the potential to improve by making information accessible to all.

Go Google!

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How long

Before Google starts moaning about the investment it had to make to bring them all to their current position? And how likely is it ever to be pointed out to them that what they did was illegal and all proceeds made to date might go a small way to paying off the fine?

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