back to article High Court strikes down IPCom patents

The UK High Court has declared two contested patents invalid in the battle between IPCom and everyone else - in the UK, at least. Despite this, the war is far from over. Nokia, clearly delighted with the ruling, said it would now be seeking to recoup its legal costs, though IPCom said it would be appealing the ruling as it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Grudge, I has one

    Having been recently on the receiving end of recent Nokia devices bugging out for no good reason, and their excellent support ("within 48 hours" currently standing at two weeks), I have to say that I irrationally wish them ill luck and will snack on schadenfreude(sp?) whenever a story runs regarding their continuing misfortune.

    Poopy pants device, crap service, DIAF. China lion agrees with me, good times.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Live by the sword...

    If Nokia hadn't lobbied for wider patenting (particularly with their advocacy for "FRAND" patents in public standards), maybe they wouldn't be having to defend themselves in the UK (and EU) against patent trolls.

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