back to article SD movies fine for Wii, hints Nintendo

Nintendo has claimed consumers won’t mind being unable able to watch HD movies on the Wii’s upcoming movie service. Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America, told CNBC this week that since “the vast majority of content that’s available for streaming through Netflix is not HD content... there really is no loss for the …


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  1. Ian Ferguson
    Thumb Down


    Nintendo could make the Wii considerably more attractive by allowing it to play DVDs.

    1. Jim_aka_Jim

      Don't think so

      Doing so would only make it more expensive thanks to the tax man. I doubt there's a house hold with a Wii and no DVD player so I don't think it's that essential.

  2. Stuart Archer
    IT Angle


    Perhaps stating the obvious here, but does this come as any surprise given the Wii's inherent lack of HD capability?

  3. Michael 82
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    They probably actually could make it read DVD's but dont bother through a firmware update...

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