back to article Orange squeezes out 300 jobs

Orange has confirmed that 300 jobs in Bristol will go or be moved with the closure of its Keypoint call centre. Of the 800 people employed at Keypoint, 500 will get jobs in other buildings on the Bristol campus. 300 people will be offered relocation packages and jobs at call centres in Plymouth, North Tyneside and Darlington …


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heh heh

they are being very nice about it !!

mebbe they learnt their lessons from others in france



Sorry, relocation?! For a call-centre job? Although it's usually the younger generation and unskilled that make up call-centre roles, there are also your run of the mill parents there. It's shocking they would think it's even slightly fair to offer reloation packages when the majority probably can't really move.

Working in a call-centre when you're ~18 years old is the best move ever, because it makes you realise that you need to study to get some skills for a decent job, and it's a harsh lesson you'll never forget!

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Bit late for consultation - after you've said you'll shut the place.

If of course, you can't transfer because they don't have other call centres then its effectively redundancy (been there - done that).

But I suppose if its just "relocation" then its doesn't count as a mass redundancy (awkward employment law, informing governement first etc).

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