back to article Dell positioning to acquire Exanet

It is reported and we hear from other sources that Dell is inching closer to buying failed clustered NAS vendor Exanet. Israeli headquartered Exanet went titsup before Christmas, and a liquidator was appointed to get the best results from selling the company or its assets. A Dell rescue deal had previously been on the cards …


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Also could front end equallogic arrays. I'm not personally aware(though I have not sought out) any NAS heads that could operate on a back end of iSCSI disks. Given that Equallogic is iSCSI only it sort of limits their options since most "SAN" connectivity is of course fiberchannel.

Exanet can do iSCSI on the back end by contrast since their stuff is fairly agnostic. They already use Chelsio 10GbE NICs, and Chelsio offers 10GbE full iSCSI offload NICs w/linux support(Exanet runs CentOS). Wouldn't take much work to test+certify.

Isilon is a totally different beast to me, with their combined controller+disk units, Exanet is a pure play controller solution, more on the lines of Onstor, NetApp V-series, BlueArc etc.

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