back to article Small biz sees signs of recession ending

Small business group the British Chamber of Commerce sees some signs of the recession ending, but warns the recovery is still a fragile beast. The group's quarterly survey found some improvements, especially in manufacturing, but warned that progress was weaker than it was in the third quarter of 2009. The BCC believes the UK …


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I'm a scorpio

Economic trends are as predictable as earthquakes. From their models, banks make solemn announcements like "We expect a half percent drop in house prices, then a slight lift in the second half of the year". But the best models are poor and lack good inputs, so the results are a farce, eclipsed by unpredictable events (like a few weeks of snow).

To allow future denial, it helps to talk of "green shoots of recovery", "signs of the recession ending" or that the economy is "poised" to do this or that. These are all clues that the speaker doesn't really have a clue what will happen.

You may as well read the your horoscope. I don't believe in them, but that's just me (typical Scorpio).



...the government WANTS us to retire though. More jobs for younger people and if they're lucky we'll die off saving them pension funds, NHS treatments and they can tax any money we have left and leave to our loved ones. Bastards.


Retirement age

As the law currently stands, the 'retirement age' is not compulsory, employers are entirely free to continue to employ people older than that age, in any way they like.

What it does mean is that somebody cannot demand to work past that age (on pain of 'unfair dismissal etc) if their employer no longer wishes to employ them.

I wonder why the FSB is bullshitting their members to try and get their support for the rules being made worse for them?


But is the rest of the world following?

Gordon Clown told us that "Britain was leading the way out of recession"

yeah right.

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El Gordo lead us *into* recession...

... and now he thinks we trust him enough to let him dig the hole deeper!

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