back to article Delivering and deploying software for virtualisation

To date, much of the outside attention on virtualisation has fallen on the infrastructure side of the equation – that is, what’s the impact of adding such a software layer to physical machines etc. etc. But, as we discussed in our recent webcast, as the thinking moves beyond the pilot phase for virtualisation, then the spotlight …


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An Alien Phormation....... and a Need to Know Unknown well enough Known, ....

..... if not Necessarily, by Particular and Peculiar Registered Definitive Design, Fully Understood?

"the software to be run within the virtual machines." .....which is analogous with/to the Strategic and/or Critical Intelligence which runs and runs within Operating Systems.

Is Software running within Virtual Machinery in Communications and Computers a Euphemism for Advanced Intelligent New World Order Programming ......... with a Globalised XSScripting ZerodDay Narrative ....... in CodeDText? A Novel Steganographic Advance with Textual CodeXXXX Flashing across InterNetional Media Channels/BroadBandCasting Networks?

And if not such, previously , are we so advised that it be so now ....... and/or is it an Independent, as in Non State IT Actor and Media Program Running Privately in the Public PiRating Renegade Cloud Layer Sectors of Virtual Command and Control Security Systems for Lead and Support Operation in CyberSpace?



I registered to agree with you.

Virtually no sense more like or perhaps a devilment of what I already know in new, shiny, now speak.

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