back to article Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless

James Cameron's 3D sci-fi romp Avatar appears to have deeply affected some cinemagoers who've found that life on Earth doesn't measure up to the prospect of living on utopian world Pandora. CNN reports that net forums are awash with dark musings on the impossibility of visiting the virtual planet, with those most deeply …


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  1. Michaelvbboyle

    What the...?

    Straight-jackets-R-us would have a field day with that lot. Send 'em in..

    Problem solved.

    Mines the coat, with a few extra straps for that secure, restrained feeling.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    They have trolls on Pandora don't they?

  3. El Richard Thomas
    Thumb Up

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds

    "All of a sudden the world was as real as my own. At the end I stood up and started telling the people that they were the bad guys and were killing the Na’vi everyday with their western society."

    I haven't had acid that good for a looooong time!

  4. Pete 43

    Easy, buy the DVD

    Then enter the dream world at any time (sad b'stards)

  5. DZ-Jay

    Re: Bootnote


    I think that last one in the Bootnotes was someone's attempt at irony. It's funny, really, how he managed to cramp all sad Slashdot geek stereotypes into one single comment: 35 years old living in parents' basement, taking sci-fi movies too seriously, playing WoW, having a "guild wife" (wtf?), talking about hitler, etc.

    +1 Funny.


  6. seanj

    Tips for avoiding the "Pandora blues"...

    Get a fucking life, seems to be surprisingly missing from that list.

    As for the bootnote - love it, hilarious stuff, piss-taking at it's finest. Probably better entertainment than seeing the film itself, so I hear...

  7. Stephen Hunt


    I think a few Troll's may be inhabiting these Avatar forums (along with some PR guru's.)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Lucy and such

      I didn't plan to watch this film. But if it's THAT good and at a quite competitive price compared to good acid I'll think again. Will there be flash backs too? Judging from those comments probably yes!

    2. Inachu


      The symbolic political undertones of this movie and what we are doing in Afganistan is very similar. We would do anything even rape lil girl if the survival of USA was at stake.

    3. pedrodude

      Gotta be...

      ... a wind-up. All of it really. There just can't be anyone THIS stupid. (Just gotta keep repeating that to myself!)

    4. FSS
      Thumb Down


      This is really only good marketing. Avatar was a success even before launch (no one knew the story then). I remember watching Bones on television before the movie launch and there was a scene were people are painted and dressed like the Navi in front of the movie theater (before the actual movie launch!). So they were saying that it was a cult BEFORE being launched!

      This is only VERY VERY GOOD propaganda. It is, sadly, a syntom of the times and how society are really made of IDIOTS that can be so easily manipulated to think that an unreleased movie is already a cult.

      In fact, the story is nothing new (exactly what Americans did to Indians on the West or Spanish did to Maias and Incas on Latin America), but just with the SCI FI background added (gentle & inteligent aliens, some beautiful alien women, a crappy and unfounded love story, the bad guy that turns unexplicably good, a bit of ecology).

      Nothing really new or interesting.

      It is a sign of the times how people can even believe that that are lots of desperate souls crippled by this wonderful story that wanted to die and appear on Pandora. It is scary the level of manipulation we had these days. And how people are eager to fall for that (perhaps because we were made believe that that is so little we can do to change the reality we live in...)

      1. Bassey

        Has to be

        Reminds me of the reviews of the £600+ HDMI cable. Good stuff

      2. seanj


        What in the name of Satan's ringpiece are you talking about, and why in reply to my post, and more importantly - if it was you - why give my comment a negative rating?

        I am well aware that the post quoted in Bootnotes was clearly a fake - it's what I was alluding to, rather clearly I thought, when I said "piss-taking at it's finest".

        I have no idea what you're talking about, what it has to do with me, and frankly, I feel like I need to go home and wash the stink of your reply off my body with wire wool and bleach. Please kindly try to refrain from spouting shit anywhere near my posts in future, and I'll do you the same courtesy.

  8. Simon C

    oh dear

    looks like Darwin awards may have their yearly quota in a month or two.

    I've yet to see Avatar and its nice to see that people are experiencing the film as I expect James Cameron (initials JC - coincedence?) hoped it would be.

    But what keeps movies magic is that when the lights go up and the auditorium empties, you are back in real life.

    I'm often morbidly amused by people and their death rantings.....I find it amusing that people's hold on reality is so stretched that these people are broken by a bloody movie.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    that film was a boring piece of crap. no real storyline and heaps of really cheap plot-devices. I've never seen anything just as kitchy as Pandora for quite some time. I think my eyes would likely hurt after some hours if i had to stay in that place for to long.

    1. joe90
      Thumb Down

      .. was it just me...

      Was it just me who fell asleep during the film?

    2. Pete 2 Silver badge

      I wouldn't bother

      > I've yet to see Avatar

      Every few years there's a film that comes along and resonates with the emotionally stunted and impressionable types. Whether it was Bambi, Watership Down, Harry Potter or whatever doesn't matter, there will always be a ready supply of children of all ages for whom a simple, sentimental and superficial story will turn into something greater.

      So far as the effects go, I didn't see the 3D version, but they weren't amazingly better than what we're used to from Jurassic Park, or if you've watched _Sanctuary_ on the telly. Despite what all the studio/media hype says. Not better - just bloody everywhere and much more expensive.

      Forget the hype, forget the effects, the story isn't much and has very little depth (and is one that's been presented many times before: mostly by Disney). By the time this hits the TV channels everyone will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    MST3K Mantra

    Is just a show, you should relax now...

  11. Studley

    I know how they feel

    Ever since The Matrix, I've been ingesting red pills but I'm yet to wake up from this hellish dream-world.

  12. Tim Hall
    Paris Hilton

    God help us when the WoW movie comes out...

    If Avatar freaked these people out, what is going to happen when the World of Warcraft movie comes out? There are millions of WoW junkies who live in WoW already. If they see something even half the standard of Avatar they will probably be so depressed with they "real lives" that they will top themselves.

    It's the new natural selection!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Yeah but...

      ... i bet you've had some fantastic nights! ;)

      Hmmm I feel the need to make a trip to Amsterdam...

    2. Mike Hanna

      Stunning idea!

      Perhaps we should take all the warnings off sharp / poisonous / bottomless pit things too.

    3. Glyn 2


      I thought avatar *was* the WoW game, it looked like it from the trailers

      Apart from looking like all too heartsy carp!

    4. Scott 71

      @Tim Hall

      The World of Warcraft makes planet Earth look like a paradise. Azeroth is a craptactular cesspit of overpopulated, diseased wildlife in various stages of perpetual killing rages, blighted countryside, dozens of factions of species with higher cognitive functions that want to kill everyone and everything else and rule the world, and thousands of mercenaries who roam the countryside, killing each other and everything they happen across in hopes of obtaining a little coin, trinkets, or shiny new armor that will make them even better at killing everything.

      Nobody in their right mind would want to live there.

      1. lglethal Silver badge

        @ Scott71

        You obviously dont know any WoW addicts...

        Oh wait you said people in their right mind - yep your correct...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    buddy went to see it, his comments weer along the lines of "highlights - collecting left over candy"

  14. Scottvet

    Want to be a Na'vi?

    Just hold your breath for a minute or so, your face will turn blue so you will be part way there at least !!! LOL


  15. Martin 19

    Good riddance

    To all the naive morons who feel that way about Avatar: Kill yourselves now. It'd be wonderful for the rest of us for you to stop trying to impose your fantasies on everybody else, and I'm sure that the loss of you would be good for the 'carbon footprint' or somesuch.

    Go on, do it.

  16. I Am Fledge


    "The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth"

    Wasn't most of the movie filmed in New Zealand?

    1. David Given

      Re Neq Zealand

      After LoTR came out, I read one rant by someone who kept complaining about the 'obviously fake CGI mountains composited into the backgrounds of every scene'.


  17. Owen Parry 1

    Strong Feelings

    ...for a remake of Disney's Pocahontas.

  18. JeffShortland

    Well, at least it's not Twilight.

    I really used to bother me that people got that wrapped up in an obviously superficial film, aimed to simply punt CGI and tape it to a mildly engaging story. but hey, its the ADHD generation, and whatever keeps them going for more than 30 seconds at a time has it's merits.

    Honestly though, Every year there is a film that makes us look completely stupid as a society. when it wasn't potter, it was star wars, when it wasn't star wars, it was narnia, when it wasn't narnia, it was twilight, and now its avatar. It'll be something else in a few months ( like WoW.. which at least will be easily ruined by Ewe Bole).

    Avatar = Ferngully + CGI + blue tits


  19. Gianni Straniero

    Cheap therapy

    Once the daily trips to the IMAX start getting prohibitively expensive, they can just grab an old VHS of Pocahontas and watch that with some blue-tinted specs:

  20. I Am Fledge


    Ok I take that back... there was no 'filming' in New Zealand... but a lot of the CGI was done there...

    I'd still disagree that theres "NOTHING on earth like Pandora" (sticking to the New Zealand point):

    Maybe these loons should try living in the trees there...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      That's nice and all...

      But does it glow? Do you have sentient trees? How about horses that plug into your head?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I wuz gonna say that!

  21. JetSetJim Silver badge

    Is it me?

    Or was some wag on FailBlog spot on?

  22. nichomach

    @Tim Hall

    Were you suggesting that this was a problem...?

  23. Tom 15


    I felt quite suicidal myself after Avatar, mainly because it was distinctly average. Even the 3D, which everyone goes on and on about was much better in Up a few months before.

  24. Mike Kamermans

    How long will this article-style trend last?

    Just curious, how much longer will we be saying articles of the kind "funky title! A said ..., B said ..., over on forum X, C said ..., the end, we didn't bother embedding this information in a proper article because just quoting seventeen different other websites consitutes a post, right?"

    It's not like we didn't know how to write articles with what people said they'd do, or without quoting, in the past...

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear me, how sad, never mind....

    Seems to me the people concerned were deeply inadequate long before they entered the cinema...

  26. andy gibson

    "I'd do anything to be in Pandora"

    Speaking as someone who avidly watched ITV's "Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" in the 80's, I used to think that a lot too.

  27. Victor 2


    they see me trolling, they hatin'...

    1. NB


      rickrolling, trying to catch me typin' dirty...

    2. Sir Smokesalot
      Thumb Up

      @Andy Gibson

      LOL - Brought memories flooding back there.

    3. Ceiling Cat


      Wow. Nice reference.

      I wish they'd showes that here in canada. Never did see anything past the first few episodes.

  28. Matthew Barker

    Sounds like...

    we need to have mandatory community service for everyone after high school so they can build roads, parks, spend time outside and see that they can act rather than be the pathetic passive gits they've made themselves into.

    Sounds like it's time for a new 12-step group for the internet-affected.

  29. Binky

    CNN the trusted new source

    Turns out CNN kinda exaggerated a bit -

  30. Daniel Wilkie


    I still think the best way to sum up that film was Fern Gully crossed with Dances with Wolves.

    Take that as you will

    No I did not like it!

  31. Richard 120


    What a stupid bunh of unts, I rekon these people are the best ase yet for rereational drugs being legalised, prefer to live in a dream world? Go take heroin or some other opiates, sweet dreams.

    Stupid fukin C button


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