back to article Seagate foresees monster 2011

Seagate CEO Stephen Luczo thinks there could be monster hard disk drive sales in 2011 following better than 15 per cent growth this year. As reported in Barrons, Luczo's pitch is that recovery from the recession started for the hard disk drive (HDD) industry in 2009 but outside the USA. He sees demand in the USA accelerating …


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"currently... seeing very high rates of media capacity utilisation requiring incremental new capacity to support the growth expected this year"

Everyone is broke and pirating everything they can get their hands on because they can't afford to buy anything any more.


Lies and deceptions!

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Oh sorry. I'm a little bitter. Must have been something I drank.

J 3


Do they think everyone will be backing up their pr0n collection in preparation for the end of the world(TM) in 2012(TM), by any chance?

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