back to article Google preps business-grade Nexus One

Google executive Andy Rubin has confirmed that a business-grade version of the Nexus One smartphone is in development. Rubin said during a recent interview session hosted by the Wall Street Journal that the next version of the Nexus One smartphone will be targeted at enterprise users. The handset will also feature a physical …


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Paris Hilton


I got my Nexus One on Friday and I love it already! Not having a physical keyboard is always a bind, but it does make the phone much lighter and is is a better soft keyboard than WM6.5 offers.

I doubt it would happen but I think that the next phone really should have dual SIM support. I have a personal phone and a business phone, as do most senior management I know. Neither of them are on the same network and they are completely independent of each other.

I have seen various clone phones in China which support this feature but obviously the phone operators don't want them because they are a conflict of interest. For business users however this could be a winning feature.

Paris, because I bet she knows how to handle two at once....


Now that's what I'm talking about

Smack those rimsters about a bit.


updated Nexus One

"Rubin didn't let slip what the updated Nexus One will be called" It will be called........... wait for it......... the Nexus Two.

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